Here We Go Again

Have any of you witnessed the flub-ups by our presidential candidates lately on the news? I’m amazed at how a certain running mate can just stand by clapping and smiling while a certain person makes a complete fool of oneself in front of the media, the group who broadcasts it all on CNN or Headline News for those of us Joe Six Packs or Hockey Moms to witness firsthand.

Hello, McFly? Is anyone in there??? All I know is that voting for someone with a brain that doesn’t seem to coordinate with the mouth is not such a good idea.

And why aren’t the candidates coming right out with a stance on abortion? Because CNN cut that topic off immediately when a voter asked McCain. Hmmm…. why is this such a big conspiracy anyway? Let me tell you, there are a HUGE number of Catholic Sisters who are extremely interested, as well as Catholic Moms & Dads. Will they ever come out with it?

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  1. JeriM on

    OK – I’m going to make a controversial comment. This is your block so feel free to whack me with a moderation brickbat.

    I feel that this particular highly charged issue is given far greater weight than it deserves when evaluating political candidates.

    When you think about all the issues and crises facing a president during his or her 4 year term in office – off the top of my head, the economic crisis, foreign policy, the war, immigration, homeland security, energy and oil, bipartisan bridgebuilding, the health care crisis, hunger and homelessness, the environment/global warming, social security, the Middle East, etc…

    It seems to me that the issue of reproductive rights/abortion is one of about 15 or 20 major federal issues critical to America’s future, but it gets a disproportionate amount of attention and political analysis – in fact, for some voters, it is the sole litmus test used for voting decisions.

    Just my humble opinion. 😉

  2. mznadine420 on

    So you’re voting for someone that’s green behind the ears???
    Someone that thinks it bad for us to cling to our guns and God??
    Just teasin’….I live in a purple house. I’m a Dem and Roy’s a Repub. We generally cancel each other out.

    Palen’s stance on abortion is unwavering. Even in the case of rape or incest. NO ABORTION EVER. MZCouric asked her.

  3. anitcatholicdad on

    Here is my two cents on why abortion is such an important issue. While going through a study on the Ten Commandments, I came across this quote in relation to the Fifth Commandment that really gave me something to ponder:

    “The moment a positive law deprives a category of human beings of the protection which civil legislation ought to accord them, the state is denying the equality of all before the law.
    When the state does not place its power at the service of the rights of each citizen, and in particular of the more vulnerable, the very foundations of a state based on law are undermined…” (CCC 2273)

    I personalized this as how can I trust a government to guarantee me any rights if it is not willing to protect the rights of its most vulnerable citizens. And this isn’t just limited to the unborn but also to the elderly or sick. If a government is willing to legislate the termination of life at the very beginning of life, then what about legislating when life ends? When, and Who, gets to determine when life begins and ends?

    I’m still wrestling with these philosophical issues. I think I need more beer to ponder this…

  4. incognitocatholic on

    @JeriM – I always welcome your comments, controversial or not. Thanks for posting. 🙂

    Hubs and I also debated about the abortion issue. Interestingly enough, he came out with the same argument that you mentioned and didn’t think it mattered as much as the many other concerns we face today. We agreed on that.

    The Catholic Church is adamant about the protection of life, forcing its parishioners to determine the candidate’s stance first and foremost. So considering the overwhelming number of Catholics in the world, it’s no wonder the concern over reproductive rights/abortion seems disproportionate.

    Personally, I believe the right to life is more of a spiritual issue that should be handled by church teachings, and yet the division of church and state becomes problematic with politics and legislation involved. While I want to cast my vote as a faithful Catholic, I won’t use this sole platform on which to base my final decision. But it is a concern that I want to figure into my vote, however weighty it might be in the end.

    @mznadine420 – Loved the ‘purple house’ comment. How funny. That whole cancelling out thing happens in our situation, too. And we’re both Republican. Go figure!

  5. incognitocatholic on

    @AITCD – Bravo! You’ve got my vote – and a case of beer to help you ponder. 😀

  6. maksbestfriend on

    I like what Colorado is doing with defining a person in its constitution. This is a simple Yes Or No question on its ballot on November 4th:

    “Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado Constitution defining the term “person” to include any human being from the moment of fertilization as “person” is used in those provisions of the Colorado Constitution relating to inalienable rights, equality of justice and due process under law?”

    We are both Republican.

    We are both ProLife. But…I am not one to tell anyone what they can and cannot do with their bodies. I am not in their situation. I am not, nor ever will be, in a position to judge them for whatever it is that another might choose to do. That is between them, their conscience, and their God.

    Does that make sense?

    I do have an issue with the rape/incest of a child issue. I honestly do not know, and not having a child in my home, how I would deal with that. In theoretical discussions with my husband, I do not know how I, as a parent, could force a child to go through the trauma of living through a pregnancy that might have been conceived of a crime and then having her have to deal with that aftermath as well. Where does the line of devastation stop for a child. It gets so muddy. I guess, a part of me is glad that we don’t have to make that call. It would be among the hardest things any responsible parent would ever have to deal with. My thoughts and prayers to any parents that are/have been in that situation.

  7. JeriM on

    We live in a purple house too… hub is a moderate republican, and I’m an independent – my views tend to slightly left of center libertarian.

    We now have a new complication, and boy does it make me feel old… my 19-year old son is voting this fall too, for the first time. Like most college kids, his views tend toward Democrat. It’s a very strange thing to be discussing politics with my own son.

  8. incognitocatholic on

    @maksbestfriend – What you said does make sense. According to the Catholic Church, we do need to be in the position as protector of that life under all circumstances. (At least that’s how I’m hearing it.) But I do understand your position.

    @JeriM – Funny, but I was a 19 year-old, college student and first time voter as a Democrat back in the day, too! Question: Does your son listen to any of your political wisdom? I didn’t. And my Mom has a Master’s degree in history & political science. At 19, you always think you’re smarter than the old folks. lol

  9. bigdogmompam on

    Like maksbestfriend, I’m ProLife but don’t think that the government has the right to tell someone what they can and cannot (should not) do with their own bodies. Each situation and each person is completely different. It’s a very fine line I’m walking here and I know it. I wrestle with this issue every four years.

  10. incognitocatholic on

    @bigdogmompam – I had a Catholic nun jump all over me while getting into the whole candidate discussion. Sister was adamant about me choosing someone who was OFFICIALLY ProLife. Of course she has time on her hands to research candidates, whereas I need it spelled out in black and white. But her words continue to stick w/me – I’m afraid she might just pop her head into my voting booth to make sure I’m doing the right thing! 😮

  11. JeriM on

    ICM – no way does the son listen to me on matters of politics (or much else), other than that he has grudgingly agreed with me that yes, voting in general is pretty doggone important.

  12. incognitocatholic on

    @JeriM – Amen to your son in exercising his right to vote, albeit grudgingly in his agreement w/you. I pray the CK’s will do the same – pretty likely, as they’re really getting into watching the debates, etc. For them, it’s like watching another set of Olympic games on TV, election-style.

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