Serious Girl Time

I arrived at Mom & Dad’s place yesterday morning and immediately donned my official Mom’s Personal Chauffeur Hat. Dad gave me a quick run-down on the key features of the Toyota Camry hybrid that I would be driving, a gem that I’ll probably miss dearly and want to sneak back home with me at the end of my visit. That along with Mom, of course. Because I love that woman so dearly that I wouldn’t want to leave her without that sweet vehicle, and I know that doing so would basically ruin my chances of ever stepping foot back in Mom & Dad’s house ever again anyway. But there I go digressing.

What? These things do actually happen, you know.

So what exactly have we been doing on Visit Day #1? As you can guess by the title of this post, we’ve been having ‘Girl Time’ – but not completely. First we had to see Dad off on his business trip back at the airport, the same one where I landed yesterday, the very reason why I’d been sent to take care of Mom in the first place. Yet being on the other end as the ‘Sender’ of the ‘Sendee’ ordeal felt strange today, especially since I still felt like the ‘Sendee’ after leaving home mere hours ago. Hugs, kisses, airport gift shopping, then Mom & I set off to figure out what to do with ourselves by heading back home again to think it over during lunch. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Not being one to step away my consulting work even while off in another state helping out family, I chose to spend time on a client’s web request before setting off on our desired destination of the day – SANTA FE! Oh. yes. we. did. Together, Mom & I agreed that retail therapy in a brand new, never-set-foot-in city (by me, anyway) had to be the best reward for all of our strife. So, yes, we girlies shopped in SANTA FE and returned home with goodies from Liz Claiborne, Nine West and other gift shops specializing in local handmade treasures, ones I will be surprising the Catholic Family with back at home later this week. (No spoilers!)

And now I leave you with my guilty pleasures of the day:
Let the Drool Begin

Mom & I are feeling so much better now. Amazing how that shopping escape works on a person.

5 comments so far

  1. mznadine420 on

    Okay I can take over the care of your mother when you leave. We can send your dad off on another trip and I too can share some serious girl time!!

    Becuz we all need girl time!

  2. maksbestfriend on

    And you went to Santa Fe without me. I am hurt! Well there are still more chances for souvenirs! How about a pic of you and your mom!

  3. incognitocatholic on

    @mznadine420 – she would absolutely love your company. The more girl time, the better. 🙂

    @maksbestfriend – we’re already talking about going back, so no worries there. And a pic of me & Mom? Will do! First I need a shower… worked out on her treadmill this morning. You really don’t want to be scared away this early on a Monday.

  4. ginabeana on

    Oh I can just imagine the good jewelery you are finding in Santa Fe! (sorry, I’m catching up backwards…)

  5. incognitocatholic on

    @ginabeana – not only that, but check out my latest post. Custom-made jewelry, too!

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