Shopaholics Anonymous

Me & Mom
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There we are, me and Mom as we return from day #2 of shopping as if we were ‘Independently Wealthy Bargain Hunters’. (Using our exact words.) And that we found, BARGAINS that is. So what exactly did we find? Jewelry and clothing, mostly – because we depend on each other for opinion purposes. I mean, who else is going to tell me whether or not my butt looks big in the GAP jeans I selected? Only a mom!

Isn’t that special?

So now after we’ve finished our lasagna & flat bread Lean Cuisine entrees, Mom insists that we watch The Big Bang Theory on television. When else will I ever get to sit down and watch an actual TV show anyway? Although, a sense of guilt is creeping in as I flash back to Hubs at home as he shuttles people to and from orchestra rehearsal. Ok great… on that note, our fun just went directly out the window.

Almost. 😉

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  1. maksbestfriend on

    You and your mother are both beautiful! And I love, love, love her honesty!

    When you get a minute, I got you a new reader for our book club! I think she needs a prize! She got her book today. I told her that we would give her time to catch up to us. I hope that you don’t mind? She really is a cool mom, not unlike yourself!

  2. incognitocatholic on

    @maksbestfriend – Mom says we’re gorgeous, so I’ll take her word. And yes, she’s the most honest person I know – besides you, of course! 😀

    I’ve posted on the CLBC about our newest bookclub member – such great news! She needs a coaster of honor, agreed. Thanks so much for the referral. *happy dance*

  3. mznadine420 on

    She’s so lovely!!
    I am so glad you’re enjoying your visit with her.

  4. incognitocatholic on

    @mznadine420 – and so fun to hang out with, surgery recovery or not!

  5. ginabeana on

    aw you girls are so purty! i love shopping for jewerely, hoping you are finding some great stuff!

    I also heart The Big Bang Theory. Cracks me up. :o)

  6. incognitocatholic on

    @ginabeana – aw shucks. You’re so sweet! We found some gorgeous chunky necklaces, which will be perfect for wearing to the orchestra and/or opera. Stylin’ stuff.

    My first time watching The Big Bang Theory. Hilarious! I cracked up just about the whole time, if you can believe that. 😀

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