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Xmas Deco Time

It’s that time of year again, the time when the Catholic Family and I yank out all of those dusty Christmas decoration boxes from the cellar and go crazy making the house look festive for the holidays. Yet this year we had a newbie to unload thanks to a certain brother-in-law with a sense of style all his own: a Moravian Star Light. Funky, don’t you think?
Moravian Star Light

But my people wouldn’t quite be their normal usual selves without a ‘lil experimentation during the putting-together-process, now would they? Of course not. Hence the Catholic Girlie in her attempt as the new Ab-Fab Moravian Statue of Liberty:
Statue Chick

Tag – You’re It

Thank God Almighty that Catholic Hubs will be home tomorrow night, as I’ve been doing the Solo-Parent-of-Two-Children thing all week and in need of a serious break. How serious? Well let me tell you, being a single parent drives this person to crazy stunts like the following:

  • Sleeping in several minutes late without showering before shuttling kids to school.
  • Holding off on applying makeup until after the kids have finished eating breakfast.
  • Wearing puffy white workout socks with black boots under a certain long black down-filled winter coat between drives to school like a complete Mom Dork.
  • Purchasing multiple lottery tickets in hopes of winning millions of dollars, but then only winning 3 measly bucks out of the deal, money that is subsequently applied to the next lottery ticket purchase.
  • Pizza Hut take-out. Also used as leftovers the next day.

Dang. Does this make me a ‘Co-Dependent’ after all? *pfft!*

Eye Candy

Eye Candy
This is so not a hoax – I really did take this photo earlier today, November 17th 2008. Makes me want to buy a few barrels to stock up on cheap gasoline for awhile. Is that even possible? Anyone know of a good deal on barrels out there?

Email-less President

As a former civil servant employed by the federal government, and as a Computer Programmer/Analyst at that, I can fully understand the complexity behind taking Obama’s BlackBerry away when he becomes a permanent fixture in the Oval office.  Presidents just can’t be like the rest of us who freely submit messages across the digital world.   But man, whoa.  Major email withdrawal.  Another reason why this chick will not be running for President of the United States any time in the near future.  Obama can have that email-less job, thanks very much.

Give me smartphone, or give me death!

Caught Twittering

Cloud 9

This week Hubs and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary by way of lunch date at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, where even the salad reins supreme.  Last year marked our first time visiting this fancy-shmancy restaurant, an experience that made us want to return every year in celebration of our wedding day.  A new tradition of sorts.  I knew exactly what I wanted to order even before sitting down at our secluded, romantic and chic lunch spot that was hidden off in the corner of the restaurant – french onion soup & spinach salad with iced tea.  And, oh my, was it delectable as ever.  Divine even.

But as amazing as the food tasted, it was definitely not the best part of our date.  Not by a long shot.  As we sat together chit-chatting about this and that, imagine my surprise when Hubs reached under the table and, that’s right, pulled out a little burgundy box tied up with a ribbon and placed it directly in front of me as I sat there all agape with shock.  With trembling fingers (and I’m not making that up, I swear they were shaking like mad), I opened the box to find a triple-diamond studded necklace in a two-toned setting hanging from a silver chain.  Words cannot properly describe how I felt and how the necklace looked as I opened that box.  Indescribable.

So I leave you with a picture instead, because a picture speaks a thousand words:
Moments that Sparkle

How I love that man.

Who am I? I am a walrus.

God only knows I never imagined myself to be in this particular place on a Saturday night, but the place where I am seems to be the normal kind of thing for parents celebrating tween birthdays these days.  And where is that?  Well, at a funky cool hotel with a sweet pool for swimming purposes, that’s where.  That’s right, my daughter’s original BFF is having a birthday celebration at a swanky hotel, and dear ‘ole mom has been invited to join in with the crew as Chaperone for the event.  Laptop included.  Can you say ‘Excellent!’?  I sure can!

So yes, as the girls hang out eating cake & microwave popcorn, swimming in the indoor pool, watching pay-per-view movies while moms surf the internet and blog all about the experience, our male counterparts (dads & brothers) are back at home thinking they’ve got it made while watching football on television.  HA! Like we’re going to tell them what they’re missing?  Not on your life.  Let me just say that I cannot even remember the last time my computer has witnessed internet activity after midnight, so blogging about my experience right now is an especially magical treat.  As one of the girls enters our adjoining hotel room asking for thermostat assistance.  Things could be so much worse, right?

So tomorrow my Mom-Friend and I will awaken in our double bedroom @8:00 a.m.+ to enjoy free coffee and continental breakfast downstairs as the girlies stumble out of bed and repack their overnight bags.  I’ll be loading up on caffeine, mostly because I haven’t stayed up so late in ages and will be dragging myself around like an extremely tired chaperone who should’ve gone to sleep @10:00 p.m. instead of blogging all night long like a mad woman.  As if!  But that’s what Me Mondays are for – catching up, right?  Exactly.

In the meantime, I’m thinking one Catholic Girlie is considering a certain Hotel-Birthday-Sleepover is the perfect solution to her own birthday party needs next year.  And not only that, but a certain Hotel-Birthday-Sleepover Mom with experience in that arena (my hotel roomie) has offered to join in with me during said event.  So I guess we had better post that on the calendar for next spring because, hey, this really has been a complete blast for everyone involved – vanilla frosting’ed birthday cake and all.  With fresh strawberries, of course.

Kumbaya, my Lord.  Kumbaya.

Election Aftermath

Just when I think life is back to normal and all is groovy again, well, the United States of America elects a new President, Barack Obama.  I couldn’t be more thrilled about this news, meaning I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of that man on CNN, the local news and all over the newspapers.  Normally after so much of looking at one single person in the media 24/7, I’m all:

Noooooo!  If I have to see that face or hear that person’s name one more time, I’m going to run screaming down the street like an absolute crazy person!

But not this time.  Not with Obama.  I’m so extremely curious as to how this man can continue to pull off the whole well-spoken, stern and put-together presence in front of the paparazzi-like media that I can’t seem to take my eyes off it all.  It’s like I’m just waiting to see just one small stumble or fissure in what seems to be such a perfect façade.  And I’m left wondering if Obama is the real deal that we’ve all been waiting for… ?  Let’s hope.

In the mean time, McCain stepped away graciously and wasted no time in doing so.  Now that’s class.  The USA couldn’t have found 2 more qualified candidates to apply for the job in leading our nation, and now I just pray that the best one will be filling those presidential shoes.  Not only are we ready for change, but we’re ready for a big clean-up of the big huge mess Bush is leaving in his wake.  Talk about a big job there.

Bring it on, Obama!  Things cannot get any worse, that’s all I know.  God help us all.

I Voted Today

Check out my fancy sticker! Yes, I actually did vote and earned my right to wear this cool sticky on my shirt today. Got yours? Vote!

Back in the Swing

Whew! Finally, I made it back home – but not before paying $15 to check ONE piece of luggage with Frontier Airlines, the same one that made its way over to my destination scott free to begin with. According to the Frontier clerk, the whole fee-charging system started on the exact same day of my departure. Lucky me! And not only that, but apparently all those shopping trips put me 7 pounds over the 50 lb luggage weight limit, hence the unpacking of 3 blue jeans for Mom to ship back home via snail mail – either that or pay a $75 charge for the overage fee. What a total fiasco!

So anyway, I’m now happily home after the warmest welcome ever by the Catholic Family. Everyone is back into their usual routines, content as always. Yet as I start off my week, I’m suddenly feeling a little odd about getting back into the swing of things. What time did I wake up again? When did we leave to do this, that and the other thing? Where did I leave off that workout routine? Are the bills paid? Laundry/ironing/cleaning/grocery shopping done? Checkbook balanced? etc. etc. etc. Returning home from a trip can be a fantastically overwhelming experience, can’t it?

And yet the weirdest thing of all is that I keep thinking Mom’s chihuahua dogs will come skittering down the hall any minute. Talk about bizarre, but understandable after a week of hearing those little feet running across Mom’s hardwood flooring. Somehow, a quietly lurking cat around every corner just doesn’t replace that whole skittering business. Not even close.

Time to readjust my world.