Eye Candy

Eye Candy
This is so not a hoax – I really did take this photo earlier today, November 17th 2008. Makes me want to buy a few barrels to stock up on cheap gasoline for awhile. Is that even possible? Anyone know of a good deal on barrels out there?

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  1. JeriM on

    We’ve been down at 2.05 on the Indian reservation, but it just hasn’t made that final drop below the $2 point. It seems like just yesterday (May actually) when we were talking about cancelling our summer vacation road trip because of the 4.25 price of gas – what a great change!

  2. maksbestfriend on

    We are at $2.03 at our Costco. Just can’t seem to break that $2.00 mark here, either. What a difference. You are so lucky! So, did you fill up?

  3. bigdogmompam on

    I just paid $1.87 a gallon on my way home. If I had braved the snow (!) and drove to Kroger’s, I could have gotten it for $1.77. I can’t remember the last time I filled my tank for $15 and Hubby filled his truck for less than $40. Don’t know how long it will last, but it’s sure a nice change!

  4. incognitocatholic on

    @JeriM – It’s happening so fast, thank goodness for that. And now I want to know why airlines just started charging more for checking luggage when the cost of fuel is dropping…?

    @maksbestfriend – Yep, I filled up and took that picture while waiting for my receipt. Now about those barrels, got any extras you’d like to donate? 😉

    @bigdogmompam – Makes a person want to go cruisin’ again, doesn’t it? Or drag racing? Ok, a road trip, if anything. WTG!

  5. mznadine420 on

    Our Indians sell 100% gasoline…none of the corn stuff added…for 1.84….over the state line in Mo which is 5 miles away…it’s 1.77 and it is 10% ethenol. We buy from the tribe.

  6. ginabeana on

    that made me feel a lil weepy! I haven’t seen it that low yet – I really can’t remember the last time I have seen gas for 1-something!

  7. incognitocatholic on

    @All – But will it stay that low for the big Thanksgiving trek to visit family out-of-state? Somehow, I’m thinking that sign will go back up again… let’s hope NOT.

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