Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Can you guess what the Catholic Family did today? Exactly. We made holiday cookies and left a complete disaster of the kitchen/dining area! No really, it was serious family bonding time… except for the fact that my Pampered Chef cookie press would not cooperate and pump out all those special spritzer delights that I create every year. Not only that, but the stupid thing cut my finger leaving me to bleed all over the place, thus adding to the festive atmosphere of it all.

But I digress.

Band Aids are such niceties during times like these, aren’t they? Cheers to our big cookie fun!

5 comments so far

  1. ginabeana on

    YUM! I like the blue cookie that is sticking its tounge at me!

  2. maksbestfriend on

    I like the heart shaped cookie!

  3. mznadine420 on


  4. bigdogmompam on

    Ohh, now it’s really Christmas time. I’m planning my baking for this coming weekend. It won’t be as much fun with just me and Hubby. Blacky and Luci will get to sample the results, though. Looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon!

  5. incognitocatholic on

    @all – I’m still trying to keep from eating them up. Torturous, I tell you! But they’re too cute to eat, right? Must keep thinking that. Yep.

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