Gift Swap Package

Gift Swap Goodies

This holiday season, I made the big huge leap and joined in with Becca’s Famous Gift Swap, and WOW! am I ever glad I did. Check out this amazing bundle of goodies sent by “Dory“, a fellow blogger and Chicken Lit Bookclub friend. Little did I know that by sending my list of gift likes/dislikes to Becca, I would be matched up with such a perfect holiday gift picker with:

Fuzzy socks! Barnes & Noble gift card! European deco stationery! Chocolates! Power bars! Photo collage frame! Holy presents!!!

Please excuse me whilst I calm myself a tad. But really, Dory, this has got to be the most amazing gift swap package a girl could receive. *sniff* Ok, now I’m getting all teary-eyed. Is that actually supposed to happen? Maybe I should put on those fuzzy socks…?

Thanks Becca & Dory for making the holiday so much sweeter.

7 comments so far

  1. Dory on

    Oh goodie! I’m so happy you liked it all! It was fun picking stuff out… but a little part of me was so worried that it wouldn’t be to your liking. So I am relieved! :o)

  2. incognitocatholic on

    @Dory – no worries whatsoever. Everything was perfectly perfect. You are the best!

  3. mznadine420 on

    Fuzzy socks was the perfect gift all the way around!!
    I can’t wait to see how MzAngie liked the gift box …well maybe she’ll hate it….oh the pressure!!!

  4. maksbestfriend on

    I am so glad that you liked your swap and your partner. She is the bestest and so are you!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. ginabeana on

    Nice! I can see you in your cozy socks, reading a newly acquired book and munching on those power bars and chocolates!

  6. incognitocatholic on

    @mznadine420 – she nailed it with those socks, didn’t she? I agree.

    @maksbestfriend – and so are YOU! Amazingly so!

    @ginabeana – perhaps this calls for a real-time picture to go with that mental image – what do you think? I’ll keep you posted. =:)

  7. Dory on

    Ok… the comments about the socks are cracking me UP! I received a pair just like them in a gift a while back and when I brought them home, my daughters kept trying to steal them. A few weeks later, I was out shopping and found some just like mine so I picked up several pairs for stocking stuffers and whatnot (so they’d keep their grubby mitts off mine). When I was packing your box, I realized you had socks on your list of *likes* and at the last minute, decided to toss them in. Sort of as an afterthought… too funny. :o)

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