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Defunct Plasma

Being an avid purchaser and user of electronic type products, I feel it’s my responsibility to share any thoughts and/or experiences that I might have with regard to such purchases, especially when the stinkin’ $1400 purchase decides to STOP WORKING ABRUPTLY after only 2 years of use. That’s right. I’m here to tell you all about the big fat 42” junker sitting there all defunct in our recreation room, leaving the Catholic Family without big screen entertainment, not so perfect timing for the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday. And I’m so ready to out a certain company that shouldn’t have sold said big-fat-42”-junker to us to begin with, so sit back and enjoy.
Philips 42
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Recently, I’ve found myself in a ‘downer’ sort of way, mostly because of some unexpected tragic news that pretty much smacked me in the face and got me thinking about mortality, something I try not to ponder about unless forced to do so. Let’s just say I’ve been forced. So what happened? Well, a former classmate of mine was murdered right outside of his home. My first thought was, “No! This guy sat at my kitchen table back in Junior High school! He was once a star basketball player… and now he’s leaving behind a son.”

Unbelievable – this kind of thing just doesn’t happen to people you know, the kind who’ve played on your school basketball team and sat next to you in biology. The kind you hung out with on weekends when you had nothing better to do. And yet a crime like this causes a person to rethink everything good in this world and to reconsider ever walking out the front door again, wondering “How could it have happened so easily, without a clue as to how or why?” Completely wrong. So very, very sad.

Meanwhile, life does go on.

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day

Rather than head out to Washington DC to watch Barack Obama become President of the United States, I blogged about it from the warmth of my cozy and comfortable home. Here’s it is, unedited so be warned:

Today, January 20th, 2009, marks History-In-The-Making as Barack Obama is sworn in as President of the United States of America. In honor of the day, I’ve got my television streaming NBC’s Today Show non-stop so as not to miss a thing as it all unfolds, along with my handy ‘lil Dell mini and can of Diet Coke perched nearby for blogging purposes as this whole event happens. The anticipation is almost tangible, a feeling you just want to freeze-frame for all time. Whoa.
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Celebration Time

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On this day 10 years ago, I gave birth to our youngest child, aka ‘Catholic Son’. Has it really been a complete decade? Because the memory of that blessed event sticks with me as if it were just yesterday, green fuzzy robe and all.

Happy Birthday!

Monday ‘Me Day’ is BACK

The Catholic Family is back to the regular non-school-break routine again, and I have one simple word to describe it all:


Now the only thing that could make this whole ‘back to the grind’ situation better would be having the ability to sleep in past 7:30 am every. single. day. Oh, and maid service. But that one is always a given, holiday or not. So where exactly was I again? Oh yes, it’s all coming back to me:
Happy New Year!