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Playing Hooky

Upon returning home from teaching CCD a couple of days ago, I pretty much knew something wasn’t right in the nasal passages department of my head.  And guess what?  That trashcan full of snot-soaked Kleenexes over there tells me I was right in that thinking.  But really, being sick on a Friday really hasn’t been all that bad.  I mean, check out my list of accomplishments thus far:

  • Successfully dropped off both kids at school on time after a healthy breakfast of Toaster Strudel and chocolate milk. (Espresso and cereal for me, thanks very much.)
  • Sneezed my way over to Barnes & Noble to pick up an anxiously awaited book order.
  • Started up 4 loads of laundry. Um, yeah.
  • Camped out in the basement with the cat, laptop, cell phone, camera, iPod, Kleenex box, diet Pepsi, bottled water and cozy afghan – handmade with love for occasions such as these by my own sweet mom.
  • Decided I want this new hairdo (on right, not left) and made a mental note to print a picture for my hairstylist.

Yet somehow I think Smokie is taking this whole camp-out-business a little overboard:
Sleeping Cat

Valentine’s Day Blog Quiz

You Are Wine

  • You are very naturally sexy and inviting. You don’t have to try too hard.
  • The longer people spend time with you, the more drawn in they become.
  • You believe that seduction shouldn’t be rushed, you like to savor every moment.
  • Going too fast kills the excitement. You like to indulge all of your senses.
Alrighty then! Happy Valentine’s Day – and by the way…
What Aphrodisiac Are You?

How It’s Going Down

Everyone at the Catholic Homestead is excited extremely pumped about the big Super Bowl XLIII game today, especially Catholic Son whose sheer existence seems to be dedicated to football alone. In fact, here’s a sneak peek at one of the actual game plays CS decided to share with us via Lego game table whiteboard. Check out the player details, complete with colored lines and arrows for projected movement across the field. Are you getting this?

Makes a person wonder who’s leaking the Steelers’ playbook information… *shhh* Don’t tell anyone you saw it here! Hey, does that say “Arizona Stinks” up there in the left hand corner? Dude.