Summer 2009

Guess what? The Catholic Kids officially start Summer Vacation tomorrow, May 29, at 12:00 NOON, and I’m planning to blog each and every day during the break. My posts might be just a blurb, or even a big ‘ole write-up of what happened that day – you just never know. But I’m really wanting to record how everything goes over the summer, no matter what gets posted.

What’s that I hear? Catholic Son playing Guitar Hero to the tune of…

Schoooool’s Out For SUMMER!

This is going to get extremely interesting. Let’s only hope.

4 comments so far

  1. incognitocatholic on

    We’ll be seeing “Up” at the theater tomorrow after school lets out… trailer looks good… we’ll see!

  2. maksbestfriend on

    I am going to hold you to this. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. 😉

  3. bigdogmompam on

    Seen the trailer. Get the “Squirrel” joke – must see this movie. And Night at the Museum. Guitar Hero for the Wii – that’s gotta be fun.

  4. incognitocatholic on

    The “Squirrel” joke just doesn’t quit all through the movie, and it never stops being funny. I laughed so hard it hurt! Almost. 😉

    Guitar Hero was not a happy topic of conversation after our party. Catholic Son touched a nerve causing someone to leave the room angry and led to the party’s abrupt ending. Oh well. Better luck next year. :/

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