Not Ready to Go There. Yet.

Today was just another not-so-lazyish summer day that started off like a bad fireworks display. One minute I’m quietly slumbering in my soft cushy bed, the next I’m making homemade Egg McMuffins and racing the kids off to tennis lessons. Then we find ourselves eating Totino’s pizza before zipping Catholic Son over to basketball camp, leaving Catholic Girlie and I to go where no tech-person should ever go with credit cards on-hand: Best Buy. Thank goodness my credit was safe, and I only left with visions of iPhones in my head. Hubs is so proud of my restraint today. (Dude! That was HARD!!!)

Anyway, instead these sweet little numbers found their way home with me:
Sweet Nikes

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  1. anitcatholicdad on

    Lovely Catholic Wife doesn’t let me go near Best Buy with a credit card. I aaplaud you’re self restraint. Nice looking shoes btw.

  2. incognitocatholic on

    Spouses of Tech People seem to know these things, don’t they? Sounds like LCW has you all figured out, too. lol

    The shoes? Not tech-related, but still worked as a good retail therapy replacement.

  3. ginabeana on

    Those are some sweet kicks! I’m in the market for some new gym sneakers and those are looking pretty good! Do you like them so far?

    I have some blog catching up. I forgot my password and finally requested a new one.

  4. incognitocatholic on

    @ginabeana – So great to have you back commening here! About the shoes, I bought these because I needed some outside tennies – my other Nikes are inside only. (Call me anal about not wanting to track dirt in the house.) These fit like a GLOVE and my feet are so loving them. Here are the specs: NikeAIR, Bowerman series, Pegasus 25

    Highly recommend. 🙂

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