Rain Actually Went Away!

Well, we were pleasantly surprised to find our morning activities still on-schedule after getting pounded by thunderstorms into the wee morning hours. Hubs popped over to my pillow saying goodbye before leaving for work @6:45 a.m. and whispered, “Tennis lessons aren’t looking good… we’ve got rain out there.” But I persevered after watching Rusty, the local Meteorologist, predict a break in the clouds. Heck, this guy gets it right more than most, so I had a trust-thing going on – perfect because we had a good 1.5 hours of no-rain before the lesson began, meaning dry courts and fun for both CG & CS. Yay!

So after a couple of pit stops on the way home from lessons, the bank for allowance money and Sonic for Poweraid slushies, we chowed a quick lunch of leftover chicken enchiladas (me), banquet BBQ riblets (CS) and a toasted peanut butter sandwich & chips (CG). I really didn’t have too much time to mess around when I had a standing Monday phone consultation with the Sisters Communicators scheduled for 1:00 p.m., so the CK’s and I made a deal to clean up and find something to do that didn’t involve NOISE or interrupting Mom in her office. The kids chose Trampoline Jumping Time and American Idol Games in the basement. Perfect choice for everyone. *whew* to that.

Only, it wasn’t all smooth sailing like I’d originally hoped. Instead, 2 more clients popped in requesting work, bumping my 2 hour consulting work window up to 5+ hours. Yet once again, Hubs saved the day by arriving home from work early and whipped up a scrumptious calzone dinner while I finished up what I needed to do for my clients. Not only that, but he even took the kids out to smack the tennis ball around the court while I wrapped up one last web project, my favorite one of all: blogging for missionaries!

More on that later, meanwhile – methinks a field trip is in order for my patient peeps.

2 comments so far

  1. ginabeana on

    Am I noticing a toasted peanut butter trand with CG? : )

  2. incognitocatholic on

    Every. Single. Day. Good thing for the protein, that’s all I’m saying.

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