Stowaway Attempt

Our cat is no fool. The minute those suitcases find their way out of storage, she’s all:

Alright folks, the gig is so up with you people. Where you off to this time? And does this mean another swanky visit to the PetsHotel for good ‘ole Smokie? Because my Furry Peeps and I are overdue for a Cat’s Night Out, you know. In the meantime, I’ll be making myself comfortable right here, thanksverymuch.

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  1. maksbestfriend on

    So does this mean that I have time to catch up on my reading? 😉

  2. incognitocatholic on

    Yes, you do! I finished TBWKHN yesterday morning, then started in on HTBS. The ride home means more reading for me today… will you be caught up to me?

  3. maksbestfriend on

    I should be wholly caught up to you soon. I have 2 hours and change to listen to JB, and then will start HTBS, and which is only a 6 hour listen, and then on to TBWKHN.

    How is the vacay? Having fun?

  4. incognitocatholic on

    Great to hear we’ll be on the same “page” soon. I’m now on ch 2 of HTBS. The book reads quite a bit like watching a “Sex in the City” episode to me. Must see what you think.

    Back from vacay late this afternoon and finally have my computer back to where it was before I left. Now to upload those photos that go with the blogs I posted earlier! Fun. Stuff.

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