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Bust a Move

Today was another completely loaded day for me and my sweet Catholic Peepers, starting out with middle school orientation, back-to-school clothes shopping, a splendiferous spaghetti dinner made personally by incognito, and finally ending with that annual Catechist meeting where we got all wild and danced on tables I received materials in preparation for teaching 7th grade CCD. Lordy. Bring on the new school year!

Cue the Washing Machine

The worst thing about returning from amazing week-long vacations? Laundry. 48+ hours of it, and still counting.
(Note: Photo shows only a smidgen of it.)

Winos Gone Wild

Another early start to our Saturday in California, only this time we found ourselves at San Diego Zoo where the Catholic Family and I set eyes on animals we’d never before seen in real life: PANDA BEARS. Not only that, but afterward, we ventured through Coronado where we did some Hotel Del Coronado sightseeing and drooled a lil’, mostly because the Disney version we viewed in Florida was a pretty darn close rendition of the real thing. And finally, the Catholic Family found a beach shop, stumbling upon a comfie Oceanside hoodie to keep mom warm during the last evening surfside where the pier lit up beautifully, a much more valuable souvenir than any other imaginable.

Besides those cheap inexpensive Barefoot, Woodbridge, Tisdale & Turning Leaf bottles of California-made wine consumed throughout the vacation. Because really, that just goes without saying.

Final Hoo-Rah

This morning was the last of our vacation at the lodge, and we took advantage of the water park to the fullest: meaning, we jumped out of bed @7 am and packed up our luggage before taking ourselves back down for more water sliding goodness. With the park opening at 9 am and check out at 11 am, we really didn’t have much time to waste if we wanted to slide down every water slide a gazillion more times before leaving. So we kicked it into high gear, Starbucks coffee being a big motivator kick in the pants for me, and managed to slide down every ride at least 3 times each, all before 9:45 am. Sa-weet!

Graciously, I offered to head back to the hotel suite before the rest of the crew to make the most efficient use of Shower Time. Yes, Mom takes longer in there. But in no time flat, my peeps were pounding on the door ready for their own showers, thus sending me skittering around the room all wet-towelled. Geez, Peeps. Anyway, everyone finished cleaning themselves up in record time, then we packed up the vehicle and made our way over to the Bear Claw Cafe for that final chance at fudge buying. Personally, I had my eye on the overpriced bag of Funyuns in the gift shop, but no thanks.

So then what? Lunch. Our plan was to visit a favorite Kansas City submarine sandwich shop in the nearby Legends shopping center. Only… where in tarnation did it go? After driving over and checking out the center’s directory to find it NOT THERE, we did what every other family-desperate-for-food would do while starving in a shopping center and settled for the closest eating establishment available: Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. But in no way was that pretzel meal going to hold off our hunger. Nuh-uh. And Hubs accurately described our lunch as ‘only putting a dent’ in our appetite for food after all the morning watersliding we’d accomplished. Metabolism gone completely and utterly wild, I know.

But yet the Catholic Family and I couldn’t very well leave the Legends without poking our heads into the Nike and Adidas shops; because of course, that would be a total abomination. So we meandered into both stores and scored bargains on t-shirts, shorts and a Nike brand Nebraska hat to help me cheer on that Husker football team in the fall.

Wait. Did that really happen? We’re on vacation in Kansas and I’m buying NU paraphernalia for rooting on our favorite football team back home? Something just isn’t quite right with that souvenir purchase. Meanwhile, I tried not to think too hard about that lil’ faux pas as we headed home, snacking on fudge and praying for Smokie’s forgiveness after another summer GWL escape. *fingers crossed*

Gnashing of Teeth

Where in the world has this whole Sunday gone anyway? Oh yes, now I remember. After a late night of celebrating Independence Day, the Catholic Peeps and I woke up to Hubs’ Famous Breakfast Smörgåsbord of Belgian waffles (kids), bacon (girlie & me), veggie omelet (hubs & me) and english muffin (hubs). Then we spent the rest of the morning watching Federer beat squeak past a local favorite, Roddick, at Wimbledon. Last and probably least, the four of us enjoyed a relaxing frustrating afternoon at the pool, where we dodged 4-letter words tossed around the deep-end area by a slew of teens who received no less than 3 verbal warnings and scathing looks from nearby adults attempting to sunbathe peacefully beside the pool. *Ugh.*

Reminds me of a song, “Every party has a pooper that’s why we invited you…” (From movie: Father of the Bride)

Dynamite Day

So the Catholic Family’s Friday July 3rd party got started early with my 8:00 am salon appointment and Hubs having the day off from work, meaning a breakfast of homemade waffles and steamy espresso to tide me over while sitting in that blessed salon chair for 2+ hours. Then, for wasting time purposes, I paid Kohls a visit and picked up 3 new outfits of skimmers (pants somewhere in between walking shorts and capris) and summer tops, because quite frankly, I needed a lil’ wardrobe update that didn’t bear the name of Nike or Adidas. (Father Chi frowns on that kind of thing during mass, you know.)

Meanwhile, Hubs & the Catholic Kids were home watching Roger Federer kick some tennis bootay at Wimbledon, out-and-about taking taking the car for a much needed oil change, and subsequently working up a good appetite for sub sandwiches. So guess what? I met those peeps at Barnes & Noble, because it just happens to be right next door to Kohls and a birthday gift card was burning a hole in my wallet. But we only left with a few books for the CK’s and my card intact. (BTW: Spent that baby online later in the afternoon, per Becca’s sweet book recommendation – thanks!) And finally, lunch at Subway where we replenished our starving bodies. *whew*

Then what? In search of a fireworks stand! More specifically, one bearing the Knights of Columbus logo, as we prefer buying fireworks in support of those nice Catholic gentlemen in our Archdiocese. Although, despite the fact that Catholic Son had his sights set on bringing home a 3-foot tall monstrosity of pseudo-dynamite, we settled with a nice grocery bag of fireworks fun to keep us safely entertained yet another year:

Sweet Summer Sunday

No awakening to cat poo today, thanks very much. Instead, we slept in uninterrupted and then consumed our usual family cinnamon roll breakfast while reading the comics together. Well, three of us ate rolls anyway, because I’ve actually started eating Catholic Hub’s Famous Veggie Omelet instead. Not sure why, but I’m blaming it on another food phase, which means more cinnamon rolls for everyone else to be eating. No complaints there!

What’s next for our day? Workout (me), Sonic Heroes fun (CG), Bionicle play on the computer (CS), and Home Project Work (CH). Then after lunch, more pool time for me and the Catholic Kids who burned off some of that extra energy all stored up from being inside all morning, during which time I took care of some reading/tanning/snoozing. Another typical summer day, and it was all good. *ahhh*

But the best part of our day came later at Eyemasters where Hubs bravely put in an order to replace those taped-up glasses he’s been wearing for several weeks now, along with a bonus pair of sunglasses to top off the deal. We’re so proud of that guy:

Not Ready to Go There. Yet.

Today was just another not-so-lazyish summer day that started off like a bad fireworks display. One minute I’m quietly slumbering in my soft cushy bed, the next I’m making homemade Egg McMuffins and racing the kids off to tennis lessons. Then we find ourselves eating Totino’s pizza before zipping Catholic Son over to basketball camp, leaving Catholic Girlie and I to go where no tech-person should ever go with credit cards on-hand: Best Buy. Thank goodness my credit was safe, and I only left with visions of iPhones in my head. Hubs is so proud of my restraint today. (Dude! That was HARD!!!)

Anyway, instead these sweet little numbers found their way home with me:
Sweet Nikes

Blog Quiz Just Because

You Are a Turtleneck Sweater

  • You are sophisticated, streetwise, and even a little cynical.
  • You are quite cultured, and you don’t fall for gimmicks or trends easily.
  • You are naturally chic. You have a urban, cosmopolitan style.
  • And you know that the secret to looking good is not trying too hard!
Your turn: What Kind of Sweater Are You?

Tag – You’re It

Thank God Almighty that Catholic Hubs will be home tomorrow night, as I’ve been doing the Solo-Parent-of-Two-Children thing all week and in need of a serious break. How serious? Well let me tell you, being a single parent drives this person to crazy stunts like the following:

  • Sleeping in several minutes late without showering before shuttling kids to school.
  • Holding off on applying makeup until after the kids have finished eating breakfast.
  • Wearing puffy white workout socks with black boots under a certain long black down-filled winter coat between drives to school like a complete Mom Dork.
  • Purchasing multiple lottery tickets in hopes of winning millions of dollars, but then only winning 3 measly bucks out of the deal, money that is subsequently applied to the next lottery ticket purchase.
  • Pizza Hut take-out. Also used as leftovers the next day.

Dang. Does this make me a ‘Co-Dependent’ after all? *pfft!*