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Return of the Rampant Germs

Who said sending kids back to school was a happy, fun time? Because, let me tell you, those people completely forgot about certain germs involved in the whole process. Even with our stellar hand-washing habits, said germs gave poor ‘ole Mom a big huge sucker punch this week leaving me housebound and squirting Afrin up my nose every 12 hours. This is not what I was expecting so early in the school year. Bah.

Get Your Own Beer

This morning the Catholic Kids and I found ourselves at the tennis carnival, which was basically a big get-together for all kids taking lessons under the city-wide-summer program. We gathered at an amazing outdoor tennis facility with at least 22 professionally maintained tennis courts, where tennis-related games were in full-swing. CG & CS jumped right into the Serving Game and won a Frisbee, wristbands, t-shirt and a nifty tennis racket shock absorber. The games continued until lunch time, then a yummy complimentary hot dog & chips lunch with lemonade satisfied hungry tennis player appetites. Good clean fun!

Back at the homestead, Life-After-Great-Wold-Lodge resumed nicely, with me running around the house like a headless chicken putting more of our travel stuff away and keeping up with business clients. CS suggested that we eat KFC for dinner, and who was I to turn down taking a break from dirtying up more dishes and cooking over the hot stove? So after Hubs returned home from work, I snuck out and managed to find a bucket of chicken (½ grilled & ½ crispy) with baked beans, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits on the side. We wolfed that whole meal down nicely. How sweet is that Colonel Sanders anyway? Love that guy.

Time to get up and burn off that excess energy, especially for Hubs who’d been trapped in an office all day long, so he took the CK’s biking at the park while I went all crazy in the home gym – elliptical, circuit training, weights and all. Walking up all those water slide stairs helped us all stay fit over the mini-vaca, but I needed a serious workout to get back into the regular routine again. To my surprise, halfway through I heard a voice call downstairs to me sounding strangely familiar, kind of like a deeper-voiced Catholic Son saying:

Hey Brenda, we’re home. Can you get me a beer while you’re down there?

Hmmm… let me see. That would be a no. (As if, dude.)

All Washed Up

Plan for the Day: tennis, grocery store trip, lunch, bathroom cleaning, pool, dinner, free time.

Actual Events: tennis, grocery store trip, bathroom cleaning, lunch, pool shopping for water toys at Kmart, water play in backyard, dinner outside on deck, free time/instrument practice.

About that lost pool time? Well, we arrived at the pool as scheduled only to turn around and leave after learning that a swimmer had been sick lost their lunch in the pool, thus explaining Plan B: buying pool toys at Kmart and having our own water fun at home in the backyard.

Flexibility and Slip ‘n Slides are such good things:

Rude Awakening

Here’s how not to wake up on a Saturday morning: with a certain child bursting into your bedroom as you sleep announcing that he/she found a present cat poo outside his/her bedroom door upon opening it. Dude. As if hubs and I need heart attacks bright and early in the morning? Ok, so clean-up time and then we’re over it. Breakfast wasn’t quite as appealing after that disgusting event, but you just move on with things. Ew.

Anyway, so Books-A-Million was having a huge ‘Summer Sale’ today forcing the Catholic Peeps and I to seek out a few book bargains. And that we did: 3 ‘Crime of Fashion Mysteries’ by Ellen Byerrum (me), ‘Darkest Fear’ and ‘Subterranean’ by James Rollins (hubs), 3 manga books (son), 3 chapter series novels (daughter) – all for $59 + tax. Crazy, I know! We were completely pumped after walking out of that place, and ready to read every single one of those sweeties. BAM rocks the planet with us right about now.

The afternoon barreled right on with Catholic Girlie trying out my new EA Sports Active and me cheering her on as I completed a few bicep curls & stretches, because my entire body was screaming after completing 2 days of my own personal EA Sports Active workouts. Lord have mercy on me. Then in no time flat, mass beckoned us over to the local parish where we put in a few extra prayers, thanking God for our blessings – with chlorine being very close to the top of that particular prayer list.

Speaking of which, we made a quick pit stop over to Kohls on our way back home, because apparently CS sent up his own personal ‘wish list’ to God: funky-rad new swim shorts.

Topsy Turvy Friday

Just after I posted yesterday’s blog, Mr. George, Catholic Son’s baritone teacher, called and asked to reschedule the missed lesson. Let me rephrase, Mr. G apparently forgot that he’d already called and rescheduled, then failed to realize that he’d subsequently stood us up when we showed up for the newly scheduled lesson, thus calling again to reschedule the original lesson. Good grief. Ok, so basically we re-rescheduled and actually had a decent lesson this morning after all was said and done.

Note to self: We’re blessed to have Mr. G as a teacher, so I’ll say no more on that front. *cough*

Next, after a quick grocery store pit-stop where we picked up milk, potato chips, tortillas, Sunny Delight, and chewing gum, the CK’s and I ventured home for a homemade lunch of pepperoni & cheese quesadillas (CG), Banquet frozen Mac ‘n Cheese (CS), and leftover chicken and mashed potatoes (me). With rain showers going on outside, another day at the pool was out of the question (sorry about that, CS – not exactly my fault) but other home-based activities were in, such as laundry, dishwashing, vacuuming, and dusting furniture. Yay to that! Oh and with a little reading and Lego building for good measure, of course. It is summer break.

Hubs made it home from work an hour early, then it was Grilled Asian Turkey Burger time, another Incognito specialty. As it turned out, we’d all worked up a pretty good appetite after all that elbow grease we’d put in over the day, so we put away scarfed down that meal rather nicely. Catholic Girlie had her heart set on biking over to the park after dinner, and guess what? Hubs gave me a break and biked the CK’s over to a favorite neighborhood spot while I stayed back to finish up on client web projects.

Only, uh-oh. A phone call from Hubs @1 hr later had me driving over to where CS fell off his bike. Let’s just say I could see the bleeding scuff on his knee from the car as I approached but managed to maintain my composure, even though the Mom inside me wanted to jump out and cradle that guy, sticking a Band-Aid on the dratted scuff while doing so. Nope. Total coolness. My response, “Dude – did ya fall off right there at the curb?” He nods, sniffs. Then I hand him a Band-aid as we drive home quietly. That’s when I realized… gone are the days of kissing boo-boo’s.

Times like these call for Limeade.

Droopy Eyelids Await

The day wasn’t all that exciting today except for the fact that Mr. George stood us up for Catholic Son’s baritone lesson and that we spent the latter half of the afternoon & early evening in a tornado watch. Both of those items are equally serious as 1) Mr. G had rescheduled the lesson due to his girlfriend’s gall bladder surgery, and not showing up made little red flags wave around in our heads and 2) we’re planning to pull a late-nighter in hopes of staying twister-free during our sleep.

Where’d all the happy go anyway?

Ok, here it is! I leave this post with a fancy photo Catholic Girlie took of her hand-painted pottery created in ‘tween’ class. Enjoy!
Hand-Painted Pottery

Sleepy Sunday Swimmers

Is it really only the 2nd Sunday of June? Good Lord, we’ve been so busy that it seems like so much longer already. But nope. Summer’s still here and with plenty more to go. On the down side, this weekend found Catholic Hub’s manning the Corps office, leaving me to fly solo in the family breakfast-making department. But hey, no problemo, as I can bake a pretty mean batch of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, brew espresso and serve juice like nobody’s business. The Catholic Kids and I wolfed those babies down while reading the funnies together… wishing Hubs were there, of course. We’ll make up for it next weekend. (Father’s Day!)

So then what? Well, I made good on my weekend workout routine and hit the elliptical hard, burning 700+ calories in the process, all while the kiddos got involved with this new PC game called ‘Spore’ that CG purchased with her allowance. Keeping a close eye on that one after reading Common Sense Media’s review. It’s not exactly a G-rated game, but CG is fully aware of her limitations. Anyway, soon after my workout Hubs returned home for lunch to find me ready to actually eat the table — having an extra hand in the kitchen with Mom collapsing from hunger does a family (and table) good.

The afternoon spiraled right past us at lightening speed with meal-planning and grocery-shopping in preparation for the week. But then after finishing up several loads of laundry, I managed to strike a deal with 2 antsy youngsters: kitchen clean-up, instrument practice, bag packing, and only then will there be pool swimming, during which time my personal plan was to disappear into a good book and upload mobile pics to Facebook. Plan was a success, and that extra energy burned off sent people to dreamland totally exhausted tonight, the perfect way to end this summer weekend.

Tomorrow: Tennis lessons & more IT phone consulting for the Sistah-hood.

Splish, Splash

Today marked the last Friday of Catholic Son’s basketball camp, the end of the second week of reading for the library’s summer program, and the absolute rainiest day of June thus far causing me to break into a sprint while heading to the parking lot after returning books for the CK’s. Yet after that, all we had to show for these big milestones was a cheap plastic jump rope given to CS at the end of camp by a coach who informed CS it would ‘help him dunk’. Nice try, dude.
Cheap Plastic Jump Rope

Now here’s the real treat of the day: Homemade French Bread Pizza for dinner, topped personally by Catholic Hubs, Son & Girlie with Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, green pepper, red onion and pizza cheese. Total heart attacks waiting to happen, but that pizza was de-lish to say the very least. Two redeeming factors: a serving of peas on the side and a 90 min cross-training workout for Incognito as the CK’s bounced around on the wet trampoline. The perfect ending to a pretty decent day.

Next up: Wedding Saturday! (Not just anyone, but the CK’s very first babysitter – now all grown up.)

That Annual Thing, 2009

GREAT news! After striving all year to maintain status quo or improve on last year’s girly checkup, I’m pleased as punch to report that I achieved my goal – at least so far, so good. (Still need to get those lab results back from blood work taken.) Here’s what we have: blood pressure 110/76, weight 119.2 (fully clothed even though I offered the alternative), heart/lungs/pelvic all “perfect”. And after all was said and done, along with some IT talk which is always a given while visiting my favorite doctors, I indulged on a McDonald’s sausage, egg & cheese breakfast burrito and hash browns. Oh and a double espresso, since Catholic Hubs was so kind as to brew some up for me this morning even though I couldn’t drink it while fasting. (That guy, I tell you.)

Mushroom swiss burger, anyone?

Time Flies, Fun or Not

Holy blogs, people! Has it really been since February 20th, 2009, that I last posted here? Um, yeah. Looks that way. Well, I’ve got a seriously good excuse for that, and it’s called:

I finally kicked the sinusitus/cold bug, passed it on to the youngest son, recovered for a week, and then found out said child contracted the Influenza Type A virus from a fellow classmate who had been diagnosed the previous day. Catholic Son even helped disinfect the classroom, only to be stricken down with the exact same germs he was attempting to eliminate from the room. Craziness! Poor guy…*sniff*”

It’s times like these that force a parent to remember why not only adults but children ALSO should receive the flu vaccine every single year, even if they whine and moan about not wanting another painful shot in the arm. Because who’s in charge of the kid’s health anyway? And who will be forced to stay home and put all work aside to play doctor and/or nurse? That’s right – Mom. (Or Dad, whatever the case may be.) Which amounts to lost income, used sick leave, and the added stress of the whole dratted event.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be blogging and doing fun stuff.