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Bouncing Back

This Girlie didn’t miss a beat in getting back to the pool for more swim-time action back at home:

On the other hand, Mom is all done with swimming & tanning for now:

Bunch of Croc

Every summer, well actually all-year-long, my peeps and I choose a day to see just a few things at the zoo, because that place is so incredibly huge that you’d have to be crazy to attempt everything in one visit. Zoo passes are nice that way – we can come back as often as we want throughout the year without having to pull a big Marathon Zoo Day!

So what did we choose today? Kingdoms of the Night and the Budgie exhibit, drippy wet rain and all. The best part? By far, those Caiman crocodiles looking all sneaky with their heads peeking out just above the water and bodies hanging all loose below the surface. Total coolness.

Frozen Surprises

Yes, today marks the 18th time we’ve visited the pool this summer. Only, guess what? Now we’re in on the big secret:
Free SLUSHIES & red tongues after 6:00 p.m.!

Just Rewards

My sweet Catholic Peeps were so gracious in allowing me a few hours of quiet IT consulting time this afternoon that I couldn’t resist whipping up a Chicken Alfredo w/garlic toast dinner (thanks for the backup support, Catholic Hubs!) and then driving said Peeps over to the swimming pool for a 2 hour dip. BTW: Do moms get mileage expense reimbursement?

Keepin’ Cool

The day started off eerily with a thunderstorm sneaking toward the metro area, thus putting a damper on the CK’s tennis lesson scheduled for the morning. But we watched and waited for the final weather verdict, then found ourselves at the tennis courts under bright sunny skies with broiling ‘Heat Advisory’ temps. Yet despite all that, the lesson went well and the kids left knowing how to serve the tennis ball across the court – officially now anyway, because they already had some idea before the lesson began thanks to trusty ‘ole incognito mom who gave the peeps informal lessons prior to this particular class. Nothing like a good re-schooling.

Back home for a bite to eat, then the CK’s and I had exactly one hour of shopping before my scheduled web consultation with a client. Catholic Son discovered a 6 month old Hollywood Video gift card he’d received as a birthday gift last January, but yet couldn’t find a single thing to buy with it after searching around the store. So what to do? Well, I did us all a favor and bought it from him, purchasing 4 DVD’s for the Catholic Family’s home entertainment stash:

  • The Women
  • Paul Blart, Mall Cop
  • Bride Wars
  • Taken

And with all of that sweltering heat taking place outside, I have a feeling we’ll be indoors watching those sweet lil’ flicks in no. time. flat.

Rain Actually Went Away!

Well, we were pleasantly surprised to find our morning activities still on-schedule after getting pounded by thunderstorms into the wee morning hours. Hubs popped over to my pillow saying goodbye before leaving for work @6:45 a.m. and whispered, “Tennis lessons aren’t looking good… we’ve got rain out there.” But I persevered after watching Rusty, the local Meteorologist, predict a break in the clouds. Heck, this guy gets it right more than most, so I had a trust-thing going on – perfect because we had a good 1.5 hours of no-rain before the lesson began, meaning dry courts and fun for both CG & CS. Yay!

So after a couple of pit stops on the way home from lessons, the bank for allowance money and Sonic for Poweraid slushies, we chowed a quick lunch of leftover chicken enchiladas (me), banquet BBQ riblets (CS) and a toasted peanut butter sandwich & chips (CG). I really didn’t have too much time to mess around when I had a standing Monday phone consultation with the Sisters Communicators scheduled for 1:00 p.m., so the CK’s and I made a deal to clean up and find something to do that didn’t involve NOISE or interrupting Mom in her office. The kids chose Trampoline Jumping Time and American Idol Games in the basement. Perfect choice for everyone. *whew* to that.

Only, it wasn’t all smooth sailing like I’d originally hoped. Instead, 2 more clients popped in requesting work, bumping my 2 hour consulting work window up to 5+ hours. Yet once again, Hubs saved the day by arriving home from work early and whipped up a scrumptious calzone dinner while I finished up what I needed to do for my clients. Not only that, but he even took the kids out to smack the tennis ball around the court while I wrapped up one last web project, my favorite one of all: blogging for missionaries!

More on that later, meanwhile – methinks a field trip is in order for my patient peeps.

Something Wicked this Way Comes

It’s Monday evening, and I’m finding myself gathering thoughts about the day while a severe thunderstorm threatens to keep the Catholic Family awake overnight. Let’s try not to think too hard about that. I mean, really, the Catholic Peeps and I live in what’s known as ‘Tornado Alley‘ so this kind of thing is just a plain ‘ole fact of life. Instead, we’ll focus on the high and low points of the day in the cheatingest way possible known as BULLETED LISTS!

High Points:

  • Sleeping in. Trying anyway after thunder/lightening managed to annoy aggravate my sleep.
  • Clean sheets. Not like that’s the most fun chore on the planet, but everyone will be so pleasantly surprised when heads hit pillows tonight. Love that feeling.
  • Feeding my people and seeing them eat every last bite. Ham, egg & cheese english muffins (McDonald’s ain’t got nuthin’ on my recipe!), french bread pepperoni pizza lunch, and cheesy turkeyburger macaroni with crescent rolls for dinner.
  • Target & Best Buy retail therapy with Catholic Girlie. Oh yes we did, and directly after dinner to burn off those calories. Brought home a couple of storage bins, full length mirror at the request of CG’s cello coach for practice purposes, toothpaste, cat litter, tall kitchen garbage bags, and 2 DVD/Wii game storage towers. Total fun.
  • Paperback Swap requests. Lo and behold, a fellow swapper sent a request for 3 of my books. So after printing off a postage label and packing those babies up, I’ll have 3 credits with which to request someone else’s books. Sweet!

Low Points:

  • Catholic Girlie’s school physical. First of all, what kind of mom takes her kid to get a school physical on the first Monday of summer break? Guilty as charged. Secondly, we learned the unfortunate news that CG’s curvature of her spine has increased by 1% bringing it to a total of 5%. I have no experience in this territory and feel defenseless in helping her, aside from the usual, ‘Drink your milk’ and ‘Watch your posture’ comments, to which I receive that LOOK in return. Lord help us all.
  • 4 hour teleconference support with client. While the CK’s were superb in respecting my need for NO SCREAMING OR RUNNING AROUND THE HOUSE LIKE A HERD OF STAMPEDING WILDEBEASTS, quite frankly, that call went on way longer than it should have. Praise God for billable hours. He knew what He was thinking there.
  • That dratted storm outside right now. Because I treasure my electronics so much that I prefer not to see them fried by electrical storms, I probably should end this post soon. Bah.

How’s that for amazing – yet another blog post! This is actually easier than I thought it would be.

Speedy Weekend

The weekend went by so fast, it actually made my head spin. Scary! So now I sit here in front of my computer between carpool jaunts trying to remember where it all went. Hmmm… all I can think of is having a big homestyle fish fry on Friday, taking CG to her private cello lesson with CS in tow due to hubs working the weekend at the Corps office, generating a web proposal for a new client, working out like a mad woman on the elliptical, visiting Barnes & Noble in support of ‘School Day’, and finally laundry, laundry, laundry. So that’s where the weekend went.

And now it’s Monday all over again. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Monday ‘Me Day’ is BACK

The Catholic Family is back to the regular non-school-break routine again, and I have one simple word to describe it all:


Now the only thing that could make this whole ‘back to the grind’ situation better would be having the ability to sleep in past 7:30 am every. single. day. Oh, and maid service. But that one is always a given, holiday or not. So where exactly was I again? Oh yes, it’s all coming back to me:
Happy New Year!

Eye Candy

Eye Candy
This is so not a hoax – I really did take this photo earlier today, November 17th 2008. Makes me want to buy a few barrels to stock up on cheap gasoline for awhile. Is that even possible? Anyone know of a good deal on barrels out there?