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Home Sweet Home

Well… we made it back home, but not without a few hitches along the way. First, Hub’s suitcase detoured to Rapid City, SD instead of following the rest of our luggage. Straggler. Second, as a result of our lateness in leaving the airport, we were too late in rescuing Smokie from her posh Pet Hotel, meaning she was forced to stay yet another night partying it up with her feline diva friends. Otherwise all went extremely smooth, and we’re happily shaking off the sand that hitched a ride home in our duds. Seashells, souvenirs, memories, and all.

Another childhood dream fulfilled. *yay!* 😀 (The adults thought it was pretty dreamy, too.)

Mine, Thanks Very Much

There’s nothing more annoying than finding cat fur on your pillow at night, exactly what Catholic Girlie will be experiencing upon going to bed this evening. Why? Well, Smokie has decided to commandeer her pillow for nap-time purposes. Another indication that our cat owns us, rather than the opposite:

Drawer Invasion

Surprises seem to jump out at us just about everywhere in the Catholic Homestead, dresser drawers included. Don’t ask how she got herself up there – we haven’t got a clue:

Final Hoo-Rah

This morning was the last of our vacation at the lodge, and we took advantage of the water park to the fullest: meaning, we jumped out of bed @7 am and packed up our luggage before taking ourselves back down for more water sliding goodness. With the park opening at 9 am and check out at 11 am, we really didn’t have much time to waste if we wanted to slide down every water slide a gazillion more times before leaving. So we kicked it into high gear, Starbucks coffee being a big motivator kick in the pants for me, and managed to slide down every ride at least 3 times each, all before 9:45 am. Sa-weet!

Graciously, I offered to head back to the hotel suite before the rest of the crew to make the most efficient use of Shower Time. Yes, Mom takes longer in there. But in no time flat, my peeps were pounding on the door ready for their own showers, thus sending me skittering around the room all wet-towelled. Geez, Peeps. Anyway, everyone finished cleaning themselves up in record time, then we packed up the vehicle and made our way over to the Bear Claw Cafe for that final chance at fudge buying. Personally, I had my eye on the overpriced bag of Funyuns in the gift shop, but no thanks.

So then what? Lunch. Our plan was to visit a favorite Kansas City submarine sandwich shop in the nearby Legends shopping center. Only… where in tarnation did it go? After driving over and checking out the center’s directory to find it NOT THERE, we did what every other family-desperate-for-food would do while starving in a shopping center and settled for the closest eating establishment available: Auntie Anne’s Pretzels. But in no way was that pretzel meal going to hold off our hunger. Nuh-uh. And Hubs accurately described our lunch as ‘only putting a dent’ in our appetite for food after all the morning watersliding we’d accomplished. Metabolism gone completely and utterly wild, I know.

But yet the Catholic Family and I couldn’t very well leave the Legends without poking our heads into the Nike and Adidas shops; because of course, that would be a total abomination. So we meandered into both stores and scored bargains on t-shirts, shorts and a Nike brand Nebraska hat to help me cheer on that Husker football team in the fall.

Wait. Did that really happen? We’re on vacation in Kansas and I’m buying NU paraphernalia for rooting on our favorite football team back home? Something just isn’t quite right with that souvenir purchase. Meanwhile, I tried not to think too hard about that lil’ faux pas as we headed home, snacking on fudge and praying for Smokie’s forgiveness after another summer GWL escape. *fingers crossed*

Stowaway Attempt

Our cat is no fool. The minute those suitcases find their way out of storage, she’s all:

Alright folks, the gig is so up with you people. Where you off to this time? And does this mean another swanky visit to the PetsHotel for good ‘ole Smokie? Because my Furry Peeps and I are overdue for a Cat’s Night Out, you know. In the meantime, I’ll be making myself comfortable right here, thanksverymuch.

Rude Awakening

Here’s how not to wake up on a Saturday morning: with a certain child bursting into your bedroom as you sleep announcing that he/she found a present cat poo outside his/her bedroom door upon opening it. Dude. As if hubs and I need heart attacks bright and early in the morning? Ok, so clean-up time and then we’re over it. Breakfast wasn’t quite as appealing after that disgusting event, but you just move on with things. Ew.

Anyway, so Books-A-Million was having a huge ‘Summer Sale’ today forcing the Catholic Peeps and I to seek out a few book bargains. And that we did: 3 ‘Crime of Fashion Mysteries’ by Ellen Byerrum (me), ‘Darkest Fear’ and ‘Subterranean’ by James Rollins (hubs), 3 manga books (son), 3 chapter series novels (daughter) – all for $59 + tax. Crazy, I know! We were completely pumped after walking out of that place, and ready to read every single one of those sweeties. BAM rocks the planet with us right about now.

The afternoon barreled right on with Catholic Girlie trying out my new EA Sports Active and me cheering her on as I completed a few bicep curls & stretches, because my entire body was screaming after completing 2 days of my own personal EA Sports Active workouts. Lord have mercy on me. Then in no time flat, mass beckoned us over to the local parish where we put in a few extra prayers, thanking God for our blessings – with chlorine being very close to the top of that particular prayer list.

Speaking of which, we made a quick pit stop over to Kohls on our way back home, because apparently CS sent up his own personal ‘wish list’ to God: funky-rad new swim shorts.

Krispy Productivity

The day started with a BANG and me deep in sleep, finally adjusting to not having to wake up at 5:45 am. Didn’t take long, did it? Only this was the day I actually needed to get up early to take the cat to the vet for her checkup and dental cleaning. No espresso or breakfast, just a quick shower then the CK’s and I were out the door – with the promise of stopping at Krispy Kreme after dropping off Smokie. And holy cow was the trip worth it. Cream filled, chocolate covered goodness! Heaven in breakfast form! An extra 350 calories to burn off later! Oh crap, that’s right.

So what else would be on our summer ‘To Do’ list for the day? Let’s see, oh yes, a Paperback Swap mailing at the local post office, client web work from home, another visit to the local library to return an overdue book and sign CG up for a seminar in ‘Cartooning’, then Catholic Son’s baritone lesson with Mr. Gene Paul George, probably the most surprisingly entertaining part of the day. When else does a parent get to shoot the bull with a local music legend? Not too often, at least in this parent’s lifetime. But I digress…

Anyway, the rest of the day involved eating leftover tacos, hitting the treadmill, and finally listening to CG practice cello in front of her new mirror that we purchased at Target yesterday. A little reading and poking around on iTunes, then the CK’s were down for the count as Hubs and I hunkered down with a Netflix DVD and alcohol-based snack. Couldn’t ask for a more productive day, could we? Not a chance!

Except, guess what? The CK’s are suffering from swimming pool withdrawal, as if they’re going to dry up after being chlorine-free 24 hours straight. Did I mention it was cold & rainy today? Things do happen for a reason, but I have a feeling we’ll be right back at that pool in no time.

Playing Hooky

Upon returning home from teaching CCD a couple of days ago, I pretty much knew something wasn’t right in the nasal passages department of my head.  And guess what?  That trashcan full of snot-soaked Kleenexes over there tells me I was right in that thinking.  But really, being sick on a Friday really hasn’t been all that bad.  I mean, check out my list of accomplishments thus far:

  • Successfully dropped off both kids at school on time after a healthy breakfast of Toaster Strudel and chocolate milk. (Espresso and cereal for me, thanks very much.)
  • Sneezed my way over to Barnes & Noble to pick up an anxiously awaited book order.
  • Started up 4 loads of laundry. Um, yeah.
  • Camped out in the basement with the cat, laptop, cell phone, camera, iPod, Kleenex box, diet Pepsi, bottled water and cozy afghan – handmade with love for occasions such as these by my own sweet mom.
  • Decided I want this new hairdo (on right, not left) and made a mental note to print a picture for my hairstylist.

Yet somehow I think Smokie is taking this whole camp-out-business a little overboard:
Sleeping Cat

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Here’s wishing you and yours exactly what we pray for each and every day:

Faith… Hope… Good Health… Happiness… Success… Prosperity… Joy… Comfort… Warmth… Contentment… Peace… Friendship… Family… Cheer… Balance… Security… Pride… Patriotism… Strength… Loyalty… Confidence… Wisdom… Vision… Laughter… Love…

And a whole bunch of afternoon catnaps:
Tuckered Out Cat

Back in the Swing

Whew! Finally, I made it back home – but not before paying $15 to check ONE piece of luggage with Frontier Airlines, the same one that made its way over to my destination scott free to begin with. According to the Frontier clerk, the whole fee-charging system started on the exact same day of my departure. Lucky me! And not only that, but apparently all those shopping trips put me 7 pounds over the 50 lb luggage weight limit, hence the unpacking of 3 blue jeans for Mom to ship back home via snail mail – either that or pay a $75 charge for the overage fee. What a total fiasco!

So anyway, I’m now happily home after the warmest welcome ever by the Catholic Family. Everyone is back into their usual routines, content as always. Yet as I start off my week, I’m suddenly feeling a little odd about getting back into the swing of things. What time did I wake up again? When did we leave to do this, that and the other thing? Where did I leave off that workout routine? Are the bills paid? Laundry/ironing/cleaning/grocery shopping done? Checkbook balanced? etc. etc. etc. Returning home from a trip can be a fantastically overwhelming experience, can’t it?

And yet the weirdest thing of all is that I keep thinking Mom’s chihuahua dogs will come skittering down the hall any minute. Talk about bizarre, but understandable after a week of hearing those little feet running across Mom’s hardwood flooring. Somehow, a quietly lurking cat around every corner just doesn’t replace that whole skittering business. Not even close.

Time to readjust my world.