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We’ve Got Ghosts

At least I started considering the idea of us having ghosts, especially after bathroom cabinets were found standing ajar without a living, breathing person around to leave them that way.  Several times this week after shuttling people around town for school related activities, I’d return home to find a cabinet door open and stand there looking at it like, ‘Did I do that? ‘ And then I was all, ‘No.  Definitely not a me-thing to do.‘  Yet no actual people were in the house all day.  Was I losing my mind?  Huh-uh.

The answer had to be: Ghosts

Then I brought this whole situation up with hubs who debunked my theory completely.  Turns out that he returned home one afternoon and ran into the same scenario: cabinet door standing open, nobody around.  So what did he do next?  Well, he basically did what any ordinary not-scared-of-ghosts type person would do – he looked inside the cabinet, only to find our dear old cat sleeping comfortably on top of a nicely folded pile of towels.

Stinker head.  God love her furry little soul.