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Not Ready to Go There. Yet.

Today was just another not-so-lazyish summer day that started off like a bad fireworks display. One minute I’m quietly slumbering in my soft cushy bed, the next I’m making homemade Egg McMuffins and racing the kids off to tennis lessons. Then we find ourselves eating Totino’s pizza before zipping Catholic Son over to basketball camp, leaving Catholic Girlie and I to go where no tech-person should ever go with credit cards on-hand: Best Buy. Thank goodness my credit was safe, and I only left with visions of iPhones in my head. Hubs is so proud of my restraint today. (Dude! That was HARD!!!)

Anyway, instead these sweet little numbers found their way home with me:
Sweet Nikes

Warm Fuzzies Needed

Another early start to the day for so many reasons, the first being a trip to Target to buy another Wii controller & nunchuk, an industrial sized box of Bagel Bites, some frozen spinach/cheese Savorings, and a bottle of Mop & Glo floor cleaner. This was an important errand, as noted by the types of things we bought. Um, yeah. Then after dropping the perishable items off at the home freezer, we took ourselves over to the Catholic Kids’ tennis lesson where they learned new tennis-playing skills completely froze their rear-ends off – it was 60 degrees with 50 mph winds!

Let’s just say I completely felt their pain while watching from the car all nestled in the parking lot. 😉

As the day continued, the CK’s and I found ourselves racing frantically from our home-cooked lunch at home to the Catholic Son’s basketball camp where it was All. Dude. Time. No more hitting balls around the court with a bunch of left-handed guys and girlie-girls. This was the big-time, guy-camp-style, with balls flying every which direction. So what were CG and I to do with all of this testosterone cramping our style? Go back home and chill for an hour, with reading and web surfing at the top of our lists!

Precisely when 2 clients decided to make contact w/me. *sigh* Ah, the life of a business owner in charge of kids’ summer activities.

No complaints, no complaints.

Something Wicked this Way Comes

It’s Monday evening, and I’m finding myself gathering thoughts about the day while a severe thunderstorm threatens to keep the Catholic Family awake overnight. Let’s try not to think too hard about that. I mean, really, the Catholic Peeps and I live in what’s known as ‘Tornado Alley‘ so this kind of thing is just a plain ‘ole fact of life. Instead, we’ll focus on the high and low points of the day in the cheatingest way possible known as BULLETED LISTS!

High Points:

  • Sleeping in. Trying anyway after thunder/lightening managed to annoy aggravate my sleep.
  • Clean sheets. Not like that’s the most fun chore on the planet, but everyone will be so pleasantly surprised when heads hit pillows tonight. Love that feeling.
  • Feeding my people and seeing them eat every last bite. Ham, egg & cheese english muffins (McDonald’s ain’t got nuthin’ on my recipe!), french bread pepperoni pizza lunch, and cheesy turkeyburger macaroni with crescent rolls for dinner.
  • Target & Best Buy retail therapy with Catholic Girlie. Oh yes we did, and directly after dinner to burn off those calories. Brought home a couple of storage bins, full length mirror at the request of CG’s cello coach for practice purposes, toothpaste, cat litter, tall kitchen garbage bags, and 2 DVD/Wii game storage towers. Total fun.
  • Paperback Swap requests. Lo and behold, a fellow swapper sent a request for 3 of my books. So after printing off a postage label and packing those babies up, I’ll have 3 credits with which to request someone else’s books. Sweet!

Low Points:

  • Catholic Girlie’s school physical. First of all, what kind of mom takes her kid to get a school physical on the first Monday of summer break? Guilty as charged. Secondly, we learned the unfortunate news that CG’s curvature of her spine has increased by 1% bringing it to a total of 5%. I have no experience in this territory and feel defenseless in helping her, aside from the usual, ‘Drink your milk’ and ‘Watch your posture’ comments, to which I receive that LOOK in return. Lord help us all.
  • 4 hour teleconference support with client. While the CK’s were superb in respecting my need for NO SCREAMING OR RUNNING AROUND THE HOUSE LIKE A HERD OF STAMPEDING WILDEBEASTS, quite frankly, that call went on way longer than it should have. Praise God for billable hours. He knew what He was thinking there.
  • That dratted storm outside right now. Because I treasure my electronics so much that I prefer not to see them fried by electrical storms, I probably should end this post soon. Bah.

How’s that for amazing – yet another blog post! This is actually easier than I thought it would be.

Defunct Plasma

Being an avid purchaser and user of electronic type products, I feel it’s my responsibility to share any thoughts and/or experiences that I might have with regard to such purchases, especially when the stinkin’ $1400 purchase decides to STOP WORKING ABRUPTLY after only 2 years of use. That’s right. I’m here to tell you all about the big fat 42” junker sitting there all defunct in our recreation room, leaving the Catholic Family without big screen entertainment, not so perfect timing for the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday. And I’m so ready to out a certain company that shouldn’t have sold said big-fat-42”-junker to us to begin with, so sit back and enjoy.
Philips 42
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Salon Seekers

Yesterday it was pants, today the hair salon. Not having had a haircut in way too long, Mom set up a hair appointment with a random stylist named Thomas at the JCPenney Hair Salon. In fact, she scheduled the appointment bright and early in the morning so that it wouldn’t interfere with all the exciting activities we had planned for the rest of the day, like painting our toenails pink and seeing High School Musical 3 at the theater. Ok, not really. We actually planned to pick up another lucky lottery ticket, and then make jewelry out of those precious gemstones purchased earlier this week.

Big plans for day #5 – bring it on!

So off we go, to find Thomas in hopes that he would bestow magical powers on my mother’s lovely mane, during which time I’d finish my search for just a few more shopping items – for the Catholic Peeps back home, of course. But I couldn’t resist a certain silky red shirt that would compliment the necklace purchased yesterday so nicely, now could I? Not a chance. And really, it was just a drop in the bucket compared to the 2 mega-finds that I stumbled upon for Catholic Son at the mall. I’m not giving anything away here, but one word popped out of my mouth after capturing those magical items: SCORE!!!

Finally, this blog post wouldn’t be the same without an after-shot of Mom in her fresh & hip new ‘do:
C'est Chic

… and Hubs, if you’re reading this, I really am done shopping now.
*said with fingers crossed*

Pants Expedition

What did the Girlies do today in the Land of Enchantment?  First and foremost, we worked from our computers while watching &/or listening to The Today Show, or should I say – to annoying POLITICAL CAMPAIGN ADS on television.  Maddening!  Finally we just turned the television off and called it good, because all that personal bashing was getting in the way of our work progress, leaving us to agree that the next 6 days will be nightmarish with of all the negativity that is being broadcast over the waves.  You just can’t spend a single quiet day at home with election day so close. Unless the TV is off, of course. But what kind of fun is that? *pfft*

Anyway, so I finally blocked it all out by strapping on my iPod nano and getting in a good treadmill workout while Mom finished up her work.  Then we decided to spend our afternoon out on the town by dropping off a donation at Goodwill and then heading back to the mall.  I know, I know.  Shopping again.  But this time it was out of necessity, because Mom needs new pants after dropping a couple of sizes after surgery.  Like I’m going to be responsible for sending her back to the office with big baggy ‘ole pants?  Not on my watch.  Yet we came up empty handed after searching out her favorite Sag Harbor dress pants in JcPenney, Sears, Mervyns and some other random petites store.  Unfortunately, low-risers have taken over the planet and now Mom’s out of luck.

Sorry, Mom. Looks like it’s eBay time for you.

Yet all was not lost after I ran across this fabulous find that I couldn’t pass up:
Black, White & Red Sweetness

Only, now yet another shopping trip is in order – matching clothes needed.
Whoa is me.

Shopaholics Anonymous

Me & Mom
Originally uploaded by itchick

There we are, me and Mom as we return from day #2 of shopping as if we were ‘Independently Wealthy Bargain Hunters’. (Using our exact words.) And that we found, BARGAINS that is. So what exactly did we find? Jewelry and clothing, mostly – because we depend on each other for opinion purposes. I mean, who else is going to tell me whether or not my butt looks big in the GAP jeans I selected? Only a mom!

Isn’t that special?

So now after we’ve finished our lasagna & flat bread Lean Cuisine entrees, Mom insists that we watch The Big Bang Theory on television. When else will I ever get to sit down and watch an actual TV show anyway? Although, a sense of guilt is creeping in as I flash back to Hubs at home as he shuttles people to and from orchestra rehearsal. Ok great… on that note, our fun just went directly out the window.

Almost. 😉

Serious Girl Time

I arrived at Mom & Dad’s place yesterday morning and immediately donned my official Mom’s Personal Chauffeur Hat. Dad gave me a quick run-down on the key features of the Toyota Camry hybrid that I would be driving, a gem that I’ll probably miss dearly and want to sneak back home with me at the end of my visit. That along with Mom, of course. Because I love that woman so dearly that I wouldn’t want to leave her without that sweet vehicle, and I know that doing so would basically ruin my chances of ever stepping foot back in Mom & Dad’s house ever again anyway. But there I go digressing.

What? These things do actually happen, you know.

So what exactly have we been doing on Visit Day #1? As you can guess by the title of this post, we’ve been having ‘Girl Time’ – but not completely. First we had to see Dad off on his business trip back at the airport, the same one where I landed yesterday, the very reason why I’d been sent to take care of Mom in the first place. Yet being on the other end as the ‘Sender’ of the ‘Sendee’ ordeal felt strange today, especially since I still felt like the ‘Sendee’ after leaving home mere hours ago. Hugs, kisses, airport gift shopping, then Mom & I set off to figure out what to do with ourselves by heading back home again to think it over during lunch. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Not being one to step away my consulting work even while off in another state helping out family, I chose to spend time on a client’s web request before setting off on our desired destination of the day – SANTA FE! Oh. yes. we. did. Together, Mom & I agreed that retail therapy in a brand new, never-set-foot-in city (by me, anyway) had to be the best reward for all of our strife. So, yes, we girlies shopped in SANTA FE and returned home with goodies from Liz Claiborne, Nine West and other gift shops specializing in local handmade treasures, ones I will be surprising the Catholic Family with back at home later this week. (No spoilers!)

And now I leave you with my guilty pleasures of the day:
Let the Drool Begin

Mom & I are feeling so much better now. Amazing how that shopping escape works on a person.