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Let’s Tango

Today gets 5 stars out of 5 from the Mom Department. I absolutely LOVED today. So what exactly happened to get this mom all excited about today’s events? Well, a new chore/weekly allowance plan Hubs and I put together for the CK’s generated a huge amount of buzz, meaning our young people cleaned house like nobody’s business. Never before had I witnessed 2 kids so anxious to go to work. Not only that, but sitting myself down in the parlor right now with the fresh scent of furniture polish wafting in around me couldn’t be more welcome to my nose. I’m in total wonderment over it all. *ahhh*

Anyway, I was thinking that a morning of housework was especially worthy of pool time, so off we took ourselves to the pool where I found a nice lounge chair beside the deep end, the best spot for viewing crazy diving attempts, cannon-balling included. My one pet peeve? Country music blaring through the sound system. Thank God Almighty CG packed her iPod, because I wouldn’t have lasted another minute listening to that stuff. Sorry, but that’s one music genre that rubs me completely the wrong way.

So ok. Back at home, CG and I rushed to get Cecilia (her cello) all packed up and loaded into the car so that we could zip across town to the Conservatory… where I was treated with a special little duet! Here’s the link – enjoy: