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Wedding Crashers

Watching your children’s babysitter walk down the aisle getting married is a total surreal experience, as determined by today’s events. I still can’t wrap my head around the whole thing, even after watching said bride cut cake with said groom, the same cake I drooled over not even an hour ago. I just can’t believe our former sitter is now a married woman, meaning the Catholic Kids are not too far behind. So hard to fathom that thought. It’s sort of like an out-of-body-experience where I’m watching the future take place before it even happens. Scary.

Anyway, the entire wedding event was simple, elegant and screamed class at the top of its lungs. The Catholic Family and I expected no less, as we’ve known the bride’s family from the time Hubs and I started working for the Corps of Engineers 15+ years ago. Daughter of a favorite Corps technician (someone whom we add to our emergency contact list at school every year), the bride is a fellow parishioner and long-time friend who was there in our time of need when we were new parents. We attended her High School ‘Open House’ after graduation and even rooted from afar when she earned her Master’s degree in another state. And yet tonight while walking through the receiving line, those same CK’s she babysat back in the day can just about look her in the eye, leaving her equally amazed at how fast the years have passed. *sigh*
Wedding Party Crashers

But scary as it is, all I could think about during the wedding reception was sucking face with sweetly kissing my own groom every time I heard the *ching ching* of silverware hitting those water goblets. Makes a person want to get married all over again. Just once.