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Birthday Pampering

A 29 year old woman thirty nine year old momma couldn’t be more spoiled on a birthday than I was today. And with more spoilage going on at this very moment, I leave this blog post with a favorite photo of today’s party-going experience:

Birthday Bust

After a scorching fun-filled afternoon of cooling off at the pool and subsequently replenishing our energy with a batch of my famous home-cooked lasagna and garlic toast, I set off to the store to pick up some much needed items: orange juice, milk, chardonnay, muffins, butter and a yummy marble cake topped with butter cream frosting screaming “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” across the top. These items would be for celebrating my birthday tomorrow with the Catholic Homies, of course.

Only, hold up just a minute. Here’s my conversation with the cashier (who appeared to be @40-ish) that will go down in history as the best (?) 39th birthday present ever:

  • Cashier: Can I see your driver’s license, please?
  • Me: Of course! It’s actually my 39th birthday tomorrow.
  • Cashier: Happy birthday. (looks confused at license) Wait, you said it was your 29th birthday tomorrow?
  • Me: No, my 39th.
  • Cashier: Are you serious? (literally staring in disbelief) That just can’t be right. You look so… young to be that age. You have such nice skin!
  • Me: (surprised) I seriously can’t believe you thought I said 29th. Wow, really? (shakes head in disbelief)

Then while leaving the store, I’m thinking – Now wouldn’t that just stink if I were to be busted on the eve of my 39th birthday as some crazy chick trying to buy booze with a stolen driver’s license? Completely priceless.

Celebration Time

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On this day 10 years ago, I gave birth to our youngest child, aka ‘Catholic Son’. Has it really been a complete decade? Because the memory of that blessed event sticks with me as if it were just yesterday, green fuzzy robe and all.

Happy Birthday!

Who am I? I am a walrus.

God only knows I never imagined myself to be in this particular place on a Saturday night, but the place where I am seems to be the normal kind of thing for parents celebrating tween birthdays these days.  And where is that?  Well, at a funky cool hotel with a sweet pool for swimming purposes, that’s where.  That’s right, my daughter’s original BFF is having a birthday celebration at a swanky hotel, and dear ‘ole mom has been invited to join in with the crew as Chaperone for the event.  Laptop included.  Can you say ‘Excellent!’?  I sure can!

So yes, as the girls hang out eating cake & microwave popcorn, swimming in the indoor pool, watching pay-per-view movies while moms surf the internet and blog all about the experience, our male counterparts (dads & brothers) are back at home thinking they’ve got it made while watching football on television.  HA! Like we’re going to tell them what they’re missing?  Not on your life.  Let me just say that I cannot even remember the last time my computer has witnessed internet activity after midnight, so blogging about my experience right now is an especially magical treat.  As one of the girls enters our adjoining hotel room asking for thermostat assistance.  Things could be so much worse, right?

So tomorrow my Mom-Friend and I will awaken in our double bedroom @8:00 a.m.+ to enjoy free coffee and continental breakfast downstairs as the girlies stumble out of bed and repack their overnight bags.  I’ll be loading up on caffeine, mostly because I haven’t stayed up so late in ages and will be dragging myself around like an extremely tired chaperone who should’ve gone to sleep @10:00 p.m. instead of blogging all night long like a mad woman.  As if!  But that’s what Me Mondays are for – catching up, right?  Exactly.

In the meantime, I’m thinking one Catholic Girlie is considering a certain Hotel-Birthday-Sleepover is the perfect solution to her own birthday party needs next year.  And not only that, but a certain Hotel-Birthday-Sleepover Mom with experience in that arena (my hotel roomie) has offered to join in with me during said event.  So I guess we had better post that on the calendar for next spring because, hey, this really has been a complete blast for everyone involved – vanilla frosting’ed birthday cake and all.  With fresh strawberries, of course.

Kumbaya, my Lord.  Kumbaya.