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Mine, Thanks Very Much

There’s nothing more annoying than finding cat fur on your pillow at night, exactly what Catholic Girlie will be experiencing upon going to bed this evening. Why? Well, Smokie has decided to commandeer her pillow for nap-time purposes. Another indication that our cat owns us, rather than the opposite:

Drawer Invasion

Surprises seem to jump out at us just about everywhere in the Catholic Homestead, dresser drawers included. Don’t ask how she got herself up there – we haven’t got a clue:

Stowaway Attempt

Our cat is no fool. The minute those suitcases find their way out of storage, she’s all:

Alright folks, the gig is so up with you people. Where you off to this time? And does this mean another swanky visit to the PetsHotel for good ‘ole Smokie? Because my Furry Peeps and I are overdue for a Cat’s Night Out, you know. In the meantime, I’ll be making myself comfortable right here, thanksverymuch.