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Cat-and-Mouse Business

Stormy weather kept me inside going all crazy updating calendars, completing registration forms, rolling over files from previous school years, etc. etc. So yes, the bad weather really was a blessing-in-disguise for getting things done before the new school year starts… ON WEDNESDAY.
Of this upcoming week.
Sill in shock.
I know.
Anyway, Smokie had ideas of her own while all of this work was taking place in the Catholic Homestead:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Here’s wishing you and yours exactly what we pray for each and every day:

Faith… Hope… Good Health… Happiness… Success… Prosperity… Joy… Comfort… Warmth… Contentment… Peace… Friendship… Family… Cheer… Balance… Security… Pride… Patriotism… Strength… Loyalty… Confidence… Wisdom… Vision… Laughter… Love…

And a whole bunch of afternoon catnaps:
Tuckered Out Cat

We’ve Got Ghosts

At least I started considering the idea of us having ghosts, especially after bathroom cabinets were found standing ajar without a living, breathing person around to leave them that way.  Several times this week after shuttling people around town for school related activities, I’d return home to find a cabinet door open and stand there looking at it like, ‘Did I do that? ‘ And then I was all, ‘No.  Definitely not a me-thing to do.‘  Yet no actual people were in the house all day.  Was I losing my mind?  Huh-uh.

The answer had to be: Ghosts

Then I brought this whole situation up with hubs who debunked my theory completely.  Turns out that he returned home one afternoon and ran into the same scenario: cabinet door standing open, nobody around.  So what did he do next?  Well, he basically did what any ordinary not-scared-of-ghosts type person would do – he looked inside the cabinet, only to find our dear old cat sleeping comfortably on top of a nicely folded pile of towels.

Stinker head.  God love her furry little soul.