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The Love Guru

Every now and then, hubs and I find a DVD that really sticks with me for one reason or another, and the one we watched last night is one of those that will not be easily forgotten. Let me explain why: simply put, I thought the movie The Love Guru with Mike Meyers and Justin Timberlake was the absolute worst comedy since Jim Kerry’s Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. It was like a freaking train wreck! We just couldn’t look away, it was that horrendous. In fact, I’m keeping a permanent place for it on my do-not-watch-this-ever-again movie list and would even burn the DVD if it weren’t a video store rental.

Ok, maybe.

I seriously recommend that you NOT see The Love Guru, unless of course, you enjoy movies with constant references to male genitalia, then this one’s for you. While I don’t have anything personal against penises, and I do enjoy Mike Myers’ comedy style, penis humor is just not for me. And had I known Myers had stooped to such a low level, much like Eddie Murphy and his potty humor, The Love Guru never would’ve made it into our DVD player in the first place.

So glad that’s over with.