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Sleepy Sunday Swimmers

Is it really only the 2nd Sunday of June? Good Lord, we’ve been so busy that it seems like so much longer already. But nope. Summer’s still here and with plenty more to go. On the down side, this weekend found Catholic Hub’s manning the Corps office, leaving me to fly solo in the family breakfast-making department. But hey, no problemo, as I can bake a pretty mean batch of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, brew espresso and serve juice like nobody’s business. The Catholic Kids and I wolfed those babies down while reading the funnies together… wishing Hubs were there, of course. We’ll make up for it next weekend. (Father’s Day!)

So then what? Well, I made good on my weekend workout routine and hit the elliptical hard, burning 700+ calories in the process, all while the kiddos got involved with this new PC game called ‘Spore’ that CG purchased with her allowance. Keeping a close eye on that one after reading Common Sense Media’s review. It’s not exactly a G-rated game, but CG is fully aware of her limitations. Anyway, soon after my workout Hubs returned home for lunch to find me ready to actually eat the table — having an extra hand in the kitchen with Mom collapsing from hunger does a family (and table) good.

The afternoon spiraled right past us at lightening speed with meal-planning and grocery-shopping in preparation for the week. But then after finishing up several loads of laundry, I managed to strike a deal with 2 antsy youngsters: kitchen clean-up, instrument practice, bag packing, and only then will there be pool swimming, during which time my personal plan was to disappear into a good book and upload mobile pics to Facebook. Plan was a success, and that extra energy burned off sent people to dreamland totally exhausted tonight, the perfect way to end this summer weekend.

Tomorrow: Tennis lessons & more IT phone consulting for the Sistah-hood.