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Happy Trails to Us

Today was complete madness with Catholic Son’s morning haircut, extreme amounts of laundry, client web consulting, and final vacation planning to none other than Legoland, California. Oh wait, there’s more! Hubs whipped up my faaaaaavorite teriyaki chicken dinner, and then so graciously took the Catholic Kids out to play tennis while I cleaned up the kitchen and finished final details of my web work for the day. That man wears an actual cape.

And now we must do our weekly duty (get that mind out of the gutter!) and watch Dinner Impossible with our favorite chef, Robert Irvine, the twin from whom Catholic Hubs was separated at birth. Because he actually does impossible dinners, Catholic Family-style, on a usual basis, that’s why.

Next up: Those weekly chores, then more pool time – weather permitting, that is.