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Get Your Own Beer

This morning the Catholic Kids and I found ourselves at the tennis carnival, which was basically a big get-together for all kids taking lessons under the city-wide-summer program. We gathered at an amazing outdoor tennis facility with at least 22 professionally maintained tennis courts, where tennis-related games were in full-swing. CG & CS jumped right into the Serving Game and won a Frisbee, wristbands, t-shirt and a nifty tennis racket shock absorber. The games continued until lunch time, then a yummy complimentary hot dog & chips lunch with lemonade satisfied hungry tennis player appetites. Good clean fun!

Back at the homestead, Life-After-Great-Wold-Lodge resumed nicely, with me running around the house like a headless chicken putting more of our travel stuff away and keeping up with business clients. CS suggested that we eat KFC for dinner, and who was I to turn down taking a break from dirtying up more dishes and cooking over the hot stove? So after Hubs returned home from work, I snuck out and managed to find a bucket of chicken (½ grilled & ½ crispy) with baked beans, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits on the side. We wolfed that whole meal down nicely. How sweet is that Colonel Sanders anyway? Love that guy.

Time to get up and burn off that excess energy, especially for Hubs who’d been trapped in an office all day long, so he took the CK’s biking at the park while I went all crazy in the home gym – elliptical, circuit training, weights and all. Walking up all those water slide stairs helped us all stay fit over the mini-vaca, but I needed a serious workout to get back into the regular routine again. To my surprise, halfway through I heard a voice call downstairs to me sounding strangely familiar, kind of like a deeper-voiced Catholic Son saying:

Hey Brenda, we’re home. Can you get me a beer while you’re down there?

Hmmm… let me see. That would be a no. (As if, dude.)

Pants Expedition

What did the Girlies do today in the Land of Enchantment?  First and foremost, we worked from our computers while watching &/or listening to The Today Show, or should I say – to annoying POLITICAL CAMPAIGN ADS on television.  Maddening!  Finally we just turned the television off and called it good, because all that personal bashing was getting in the way of our work progress, leaving us to agree that the next 6 days will be nightmarish with of all the negativity that is being broadcast over the waves.  You just can’t spend a single quiet day at home with election day so close. Unless the TV is off, of course. But what kind of fun is that? *pfft*

Anyway, so I finally blocked it all out by strapping on my iPod nano and getting in a good treadmill workout while Mom finished up her work.  Then we decided to spend our afternoon out on the town by dropping off a donation at Goodwill and then heading back to the mall.  I know, I know.  Shopping again.  But this time it was out of necessity, because Mom needs new pants after dropping a couple of sizes after surgery.  Like I’m going to be responsible for sending her back to the office with big baggy ‘ole pants?  Not on my watch.  Yet we came up empty handed after searching out her favorite Sag Harbor dress pants in JcPenney, Sears, Mervyns and some other random petites store.  Unfortunately, low-risers have taken over the planet and now Mom’s out of luck.

Sorry, Mom. Looks like it’s eBay time for you.

Yet all was not lost after I ran across this fabulous find that I couldn’t pass up:
Black, White & Red Sweetness

Only, now yet another shopping trip is in order – matching clothes needed.
Whoa is me.