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Sweet Summer Sunday

No awakening to cat poo today, thanks very much. Instead, we slept in uninterrupted and then consumed our usual family cinnamon roll breakfast while reading the comics together. Well, three of us ate rolls anyway, because I’ve actually started eating Catholic Hub’s Famous Veggie Omelet instead. Not sure why, but I’m blaming it on another food phase, which means more cinnamon rolls for everyone else to be eating. No complaints there!

What’s next for our day? Workout (me), Sonic Heroes fun (CG), Bionicle play on the computer (CS), and Home Project Work (CH). Then after lunch, more pool time for me and the Catholic Kids who burned off some of that extra energy all stored up from being inside all morning, during which time I took care of some reading/tanning/snoozing. Another typical summer day, and it was all good. *ahhh*

But the best part of our day came later at Eyemasters where Hubs bravely put in an order to replace those taped-up glasses he’s been wearing for several weeks now, along with a bonus pair of sunglasses to top off the deal. We’re so proud of that guy: