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Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

Can you guess what the Catholic Family did today? Exactly. We made holiday cookies and left a complete disaster of the kitchen/dining area! No really, it was serious family bonding time… except for the fact that my Pampered Chef cookie press would not cooperate and pump out all those special spritzer delights that I create every year. Not only that, but the stupid thing cut my finger leaving me to bleed all over the place, thus adding to the festive atmosphere of it all.

But I digress.

Band Aids are such niceties during times like these, aren’t they? Cheers to our big cookie fun!

Melancholy Halloween

While I’m happy to have kept Mom company over the week, today brings the inevitable that I hoped to avoid but couldn’t due to human nature: Melancholiness. While witnessing forlorn looking children wearing Halloween costumes passing Mom & I as we walked through the airport while picking up Dad tonight, I couldn’t help but think about the Catholic Kiddos and Hubs as they celebrated the first Halloween alone without me – while leaving a bowl of candy on the porch for Trick-or-Treaters, because no actual person was inside to hand out candy.


I’m heading home tomorrow. Mom is content that she didn’t have to spend the week alone and that Dad is now back to protect her from coyotes and other desert predators. So I guess my week was well spent, despite my wistful feelings. Looking back, I can’t imagine Mom being left by herself during the 3rd week of recovery from surgery. And even though I try not to blame my older sister for not stepping up AGAIN when help is needed, it’s so hard not to feel a little resentful. Perhaps that’s why I felt just a little more compelled to splurge while visiting Mom over the week. Sometimes rewards come in the simplest of ways.

Happy trails – to me tomorrow, that is. I can’t wait to see my happy smiling family once again. They’ve been missed more than they know.

Shopaholics Anonymous

Me & Mom
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There we are, me and Mom as we return from day #2 of shopping as if we were ‘Independently Wealthy Bargain Hunters’. (Using our exact words.) And that we found, BARGAINS that is. So what exactly did we find? Jewelry and clothing, mostly – because we depend on each other for opinion purposes. I mean, who else is going to tell me whether or not my butt looks big in the GAP jeans I selected? Only a mom!

Isn’t that special?

So now after we’ve finished our lasagna & flat bread Lean Cuisine entrees, Mom insists that we watch The Big Bang Theory on television. When else will I ever get to sit down and watch an actual TV show anyway? Although, a sense of guilt is creeping in as I flash back to Hubs at home as he shuttles people to and from orchestra rehearsal. Ok great… on that note, our fun just went directly out the window.

Almost. 😉

Serious Girl Time

I arrived at Mom & Dad’s place yesterday morning and immediately donned my official Mom’s Personal Chauffeur Hat. Dad gave me a quick run-down on the key features of the Toyota Camry hybrid that I would be driving, a gem that I’ll probably miss dearly and want to sneak back home with me at the end of my visit. That along with Mom, of course. Because I love that woman so dearly that I wouldn’t want to leave her without that sweet vehicle, and I know that doing so would basically ruin my chances of ever stepping foot back in Mom & Dad’s house ever again anyway. But there I go digressing.

What? These things do actually happen, you know.

So what exactly have we been doing on Visit Day #1? As you can guess by the title of this post, we’ve been having ‘Girl Time’ – but not completely. First we had to see Dad off on his business trip back at the airport, the same one where I landed yesterday, the very reason why I’d been sent to take care of Mom in the first place. Yet being on the other end as the ‘Sender’ of the ‘Sendee’ ordeal felt strange today, especially since I still felt like the ‘Sendee’ after leaving home mere hours ago. Hugs, kisses, airport gift shopping, then Mom & I set off to figure out what to do with ourselves by heading back home again to think it over during lunch. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Not being one to step away my consulting work even while off in another state helping out family, I chose to spend time on a client’s web request before setting off on our desired destination of the day – SANTA FE! Oh. yes. we. did. Together, Mom & I agreed that retail therapy in a brand new, never-set-foot-in city (by me, anyway) had to be the best reward for all of our strife. So, yes, we girlies shopped in SANTA FE and returned home with goodies from Liz Claiborne, Nine West and other gift shops specializing in local handmade treasures, ones I will be surprising the Catholic Family with back at home later this week. (No spoilers!)

And now I leave you with my guilty pleasures of the day:
Let the Drool Begin

Mom & I are feeling so much better now. Amazing how that shopping escape works on a person.