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Gift Swap Package

Gift Swap Goodies

This holiday season, I made the big huge leap and joined in with Becca’s Famous Gift Swap, and WOW! am I ever glad I did. Check out this amazing bundle of goodies sent by “Dory“, a fellow blogger and Chicken Lit Bookclub friend. Little did I know that by sending my list of gift likes/dislikes to Becca, I would be matched up with such a perfect holiday gift picker with:

Fuzzy socks! Barnes & Noble gift card! European deco stationery! Chocolates! Power bars! Photo collage frame! Holy presents!!!

Please excuse me whilst I calm myself a tad. But really, Dory, this has got to be the most amazing gift swap package a girl could receive. *sniff* Ok, now I’m getting all teary-eyed. Is that actually supposed to happen? Maybe I should put on those fuzzy socks…?

Thanks Becca & Dory for making the holiday so much sweeter.