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Are we there yet?

Today is Tuesday, December 23rd, and I find myself wishing the school system had NOT given the lovely Catholic youngsters so many days off before Christmas. Here’s why: THEY ARE BORED. And basically, those words translate into, “Hey! Let’s see how much we can bug Mom & Dad to entertain us while we’re sitting around waiting for Santa Claus to leave us some new stuff to play with!”

God love ’em.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking very seriously about dumping them both in the backyard, snow suits and all. I’ll even take pictures! From the window! *hehe* Because then it would be Mom & Dad’s turn to be entertained, thus turning the tables right back where they should be.

Check out this game of Cat’s Snow Survival, fun at its finest:
Backyard Snow Fun

Xmas Deco Time

It’s that time of year again, the time when the Catholic Family and I yank out all of those dusty Christmas decoration boxes from the cellar and go crazy making the house look festive for the holidays. Yet this year we had a newbie to unload thanks to a certain brother-in-law with a sense of style all his own: a Moravian Star Light. Funky, don’t you think?
Moravian Star Light

But my people wouldn’t quite be their normal usual selves without a ‘lil experimentation during the putting-together-process, now would they? Of course not. Hence the Catholic Girlie in her attempt as the new Ab-Fab Moravian Statue of Liberty:
Statue Chick