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Cloud 9

This week Hubs and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary by way of lunch date at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, where even the salad reins supreme.  Last year marked our first time visiting this fancy-shmancy restaurant, an experience that made us want to return every year in celebration of our wedding day.  A new tradition of sorts.  I knew exactly what I wanted to order even before sitting down at our secluded, romantic and chic lunch spot that was hidden off in the corner of the restaurant – french onion soup & spinach salad with iced tea.  And, oh my, was it delectable as ever.  Divine even.

But as amazing as the food tasted, it was definitely not the best part of our date.  Not by a long shot.  As we sat together chit-chatting about this and that, imagine my surprise when Hubs reached under the table and, that’s right, pulled out a little burgundy box tied up with a ribbon and placed it directly in front of me as I sat there all agape with shock.  With trembling fingers (and I’m not making that up, I swear they were shaking like mad), I opened the box to find a triple-diamond studded necklace in a two-toned setting hanging from a silver chain.  Words cannot properly describe how I felt and how the necklace looked as I opened that box.  Indescribable.

So I leave you with a picture instead, because a picture speaks a thousand words:
Moments that Sparkle

How I love that man.

Pants Expedition

What did the Girlies do today in the Land of Enchantment?  First and foremost, we worked from our computers while watching &/or listening to The Today Show, or should I say – to annoying POLITICAL CAMPAIGN ADS on television.  Maddening!  Finally we just turned the television off and called it good, because all that personal bashing was getting in the way of our work progress, leaving us to agree that the next 6 days will be nightmarish with of all the negativity that is being broadcast over the waves.  You just can’t spend a single quiet day at home with election day so close. Unless the TV is off, of course. But what kind of fun is that? *pfft*

Anyway, so I finally blocked it all out by strapping on my iPod nano and getting in a good treadmill workout while Mom finished up her work.  Then we decided to spend our afternoon out on the town by dropping off a donation at Goodwill and then heading back to the mall.  I know, I know.  Shopping again.  But this time it was out of necessity, because Mom needs new pants after dropping a couple of sizes after surgery.  Like I’m going to be responsible for sending her back to the office with big baggy ‘ole pants?  Not on my watch.  Yet we came up empty handed after searching out her favorite Sag Harbor dress pants in JcPenney, Sears, Mervyns and some other random petites store.  Unfortunately, low-risers have taken over the planet and now Mom’s out of luck.

Sorry, Mom. Looks like it’s eBay time for you.

Yet all was not lost after I ran across this fabulous find that I couldn’t pass up:
Black, White & Red Sweetness

Only, now yet another shopping trip is in order – matching clothes needed.
Whoa is me.

Day #3 Rocks

Now when I say today rocks, I mean that in the literal sense.  Because on Day #3 of my visit, Mom and I trekked across town to a shop specializing in gemstone sales, the kind that are imported for jewelry artisans such as my very own mother.  While I felt a wee bit uncomfortable walking into that place and having 4 sets of Turkish eyes follow me around, it took only a couple of minutes of distraction to get all focused on the fabulous gemstones hanging from displays and sitting in baskets on tables all over the place.  What a dream!  It was just like stumbling on some sort of hidden treasure-filled tomb, as I willed myself to refrain from buying a whole basketful of gemstones.  Torturous!

Yet we managed to leave with only a few strands of stones, pendants and gems (believe it or not), and then set off to the neighboring Burger King drive-thru for a couple of thirst quenchers.  Because gemstone shopping takes that thirst right out of a person, let me tell you. Next, we headed over to Albertson’s, a local grocery store, to replenish our Lean Cuisine stash for getting us through the week.  But before leaving, we decided to do something so wild and crazy it will shock the pants right off bloggerville:

We bought ourselves 5 lottery tickets.

Oh yes we did!  And after choosing our luckiest numbers imaginable, we’re absolutely guaranteed to become millionaires after the winning combination is announced tomorrow and/or Saturday.  Stay tuned.  We’re gonna ‘rock’ the lotto, baby.

Gems & Jewels
Jewelry & Hand-Selected Gemstones

BTW: Do Mom a favor and visit her artisan business website – she has some amazing stuff going on there!