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Tween & Tennis Tuesday

The kids and I had the morning schedule completely open, so I chose to hit the EA Sports Active and My Fitness Coach after the kids finished playing Sonic Unleashed on the Wii. Just so you know, I’ve found the Wii workouts best at exercising muscles that are hardly touched during regular cardio/weight training routines, thus explaining the soreness issue experienced last week. Who would’ve thought boxing, in-line skating and step aerobics could do such a number on a person the next day? Not me – I was flabbergasted. Let’s just say I’m prepared this time around, ibuprofen and all.

But exercising with Wii games wasn’t the highlight of this summer Tuesday. Nope. The day actually got plenty better after dropping Catholic Girlie off at her Tween class, sending Catholic Son and I over to the tennis court where we volleyed nicely smacked the ball around the court like a couple of wild & crazy tennis fanatics. Ok, so we weren’t exactly pro-like, but man… that boy can make contact with the tennis ball like no other 10 year old I’ve ever seen. Although, unfortunately, he also takes losing exactly like a certain one-time pro: John McEnroe.

Final score: Mom 5, CS 3. Sorry ’bout that, dude.