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Cue the Washing Machine

The worst thing about returning from amazing week-long vacations? Laundry. 48+ hours of it, and still counting.
(Note: Photo shows only a smidgen of it.)

Drawer Invasion

Surprises seem to jump out at us just about everywhere in the Catholic Homestead, dresser drawers included. Don’t ask how she got herself up there – we haven’t got a clue:

Home Sweet Home

Once again, we made it back home from our glorified Great Wolf Lodge vacation in record time without a single bathroom pit-stop along the way. The mini-vaca lasted just long enough for us to miss being in the comfort of our own digs and sleeping in a familiar place rather than in a room that resembled a humongous Wolf Den. As much as we enjoyed all of those exhilarating water slides and casually floating around on inner-tubes, home is that nifty welcome-feeling place to return to after being caught up in so much excitement.

*ahh* It even smells good – who cleans this place?

Today, the day after our return, it was back to tennis lessons (the last one for the summer), home cooked meals, swimming at the local pool, and me reclaiming my own personal space for catching up with business clients again. The downer? Heaping piles of chlorinated laundry: