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Lego My Vacation

Dreams really do come true, at least Catholic Son thinks so now that his dream to visit LEGOLAND California is finally coming to fruition. He’s only been asking to visit that place ever since LEGO started sending him discount passes back when he was still in diapers. Seriously. Those fine LEGO people sure know how to nail that particular market, now don’t they? No worries, because with so many amazing visitor ‘hot spots’ we can’t very well go wrong with a San Diego vacation. And there’s always the beach factor!

Anyway, being the Family Activity Director, I’ve been quite the busy camper making arrangements for this exciting addition to our summer agenda. The best part? Visiting the library and Barnes & Noble to find a few swanky travel guides. Personally, I’ve had the best experience with Frommer’s and DK Eyewitness Travel guides (prepped for Las Vegas, Paris, London & Italy using those) and today’s finds did not disappoint. So now we’re all happily flipping through these ‘lil gems:

Note to self: Silver Strand State Beach, NOT Black’s Beach. California can stand to do without a glimpse of the Catholic Family’s shiny white buns basking in the sun, thanks very much.

Happy Trails to Us

Today was complete madness with Catholic Son’s morning haircut, extreme amounts of laundry, client web consulting, and final vacation planning to none other than Legoland, California. Oh wait, there’s more! Hubs whipped up my faaaaaavorite teriyaki chicken dinner, and then so graciously took the Catholic Kids out to play tennis while I cleaned up the kitchen and finished final details of my web work for the day. That man wears an actual cape.

And now we must do our weekly duty (get that mind out of the gutter!) and watch Dinner Impossible with our favorite chef, Robert Irvine, the twin from whom Catholic Hubs was separated at birth. Because he actually does impossible dinners, Catholic Family-style, on a usual basis, that’s why.

Next up: Those weekly chores, then more pool time – weather permitting, that is.

Smelly Summer Fun

Finally, a day that screamed “YOU CAN REST NOW, WOMAN!” and yet my eyelids popped open without the help of an alarm clock precisely at 5:45 am, the same time I had been waking up all school year long. Coincidence? Probably not. It’s like I’m programmed. Unfortunately, Catholic Hubs was all deep in sleep while I lay there completely awake. So now what? Sound-asleep-guy planned to make his famous gourmet breakfast, but apparently I was the only awake-person in the house. *sigh* Summer is not starting out as smoothly as I’d hoped.

But then came breakfast and all was good in the world again: bacon, eggs, blueberry pancakes with a dusting of powdered sugar, and steamy hot espresso on the side. Dreamville! That fine meal really was worth the 1.75 hr wait. In fact, we polished it off while I read funnies to the Catholic Kids (a tradition, even though they can easily read the comics all by themselves if they really wanted to), then we set forth into our Weekly Planning Meeting, where meals and events of the week were discussed. Coupon cutting and grocery list making ensued, then everyone took off in opposite directions: me to the gym for a Sunday workout, Hubs to the store for power grocery shopping (he beats that weekend crowd like nobody’s business), and CK’s outside for trampoline jumping.

Now that’s the summer I was talking about.

Wait – the day’s not over yet. We rounded it off with a couple hours at the pool and a visit to the library where the CK’s checked out a boatload of books for the Summer Reading Program. Then on returning home, the CK’s and I were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by the amazing smell of Hub’s famous taco dinner. Wowzas! And the taste? Too scrumptious to put into words. Finally, cleanup time involved vacation planning talk with California’s LEGOLAND being the preferred destination, then peeps took off to do a little book reading and more trampoline jumping as I busied myself with chlorinated-swimsuit-and-towel-washing.

Ahhh, the smell of sunscreen & chlorine… sure beats smelly feet, any day.