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Home Sweet Home

Well… we made it back home, but not without a few hitches along the way. First, Hub’s suitcase detoured to Rapid City, SD instead of following the rest of our luggage. Straggler. Second, as a result of our lateness in leaving the airport, we were too late in rescuing Smokie from her posh Pet Hotel, meaning she was forced to stay yet another night partying it up with her feline diva friends. Otherwise all went extremely smooth, and we’re happily shaking off the sand that hitched a ride home in our duds. Seashells, souvenirs, memories, and all.

Another childhood dream fulfilled. *yay!* 😀 (The adults thought it was pretty dreamy, too.)

Back in the Swing

Whew! Finally, I made it back home – but not before paying $15 to check ONE piece of luggage with Frontier Airlines, the same one that made its way over to my destination scott free to begin with. According to the Frontier clerk, the whole fee-charging system started on the exact same day of my departure. Lucky me! And not only that, but apparently all those shopping trips put me 7 pounds over the 50 lb luggage weight limit, hence the unpacking of 3 blue jeans for Mom to ship back home via snail mail – either that or pay a $75 charge for the overage fee. What a total fiasco!

So anyway, I’m now happily home after the warmest welcome ever by the Catholic Family. Everyone is back into their usual routines, content as always. Yet as I start off my week, I’m suddenly feeling a little odd about getting back into the swing of things. What time did I wake up again? When did we leave to do this, that and the other thing? Where did I leave off that workout routine? Are the bills paid? Laundry/ironing/cleaning/grocery shopping done? Checkbook balanced? etc. etc. etc. Returning home from a trip can be a fantastically overwhelming experience, can’t it?

And yet the weirdest thing of all is that I keep thinking Mom’s chihuahua dogs will come skittering down the hall any minute. Talk about bizarre, but understandable after a week of hearing those little feet running across Mom’s hardwood flooring. Somehow, a quietly lurking cat around every corner just doesn’t replace that whole skittering business. Not even close.

Time to readjust my world.