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Freakish Week

Just chipping away on my ‘To Do’ list for this amazingly loaded week; and blogging has always been a good way to get a grip on reality, thus this post. First and foremost, Pizza Parties are ON for my blessed CCD’ers. (Yes, that’s a plural: PARTIES. One today, another tomorrow.) Tonight, Pizza Hut will deliver hot & tasty pizza to the church while Catholic Hubs attends Catholic Girlie’s 6th grade honors ceremony, the one I will sorely miss while breaking bread with Catholic Son’s class. Oh well. Can’t attend everything, right? Anyway, I will be offering up fudge striped cookies and a 2-liter of Sierra Mist, with dancing on the tables completely optional. We’re planning to rock the entire parish foundation! Party like it’s 2009!

Ok, we’ll tone it down a notch. Wouldn’t want Father Chi to show us up with his fancy dance moves, now would we? How embarrassing for us.

Meanwhile, I’ve got another client meeting lined up for Thursday morning, then later that day the oldest will be playing the National Anthem prior to the Omaha Royals baseball game at Rosenblatt Stadium. Can you believe it? I know!! The kicker is that CG’s private cello coach, Mark Motycka, rescheduled her cello lesson just so she could perform, and he might even be sitting alongside us while she plays. Love that guy. Then last but definitely not least, Catholic Hubs and I will head over to Lincoln, Nebraska on Friday to chaperone Catholic Son’s field trip to the Nebraska State Capitol and Memorial Stadium. Who knew?!

Wait a minute… did I just hear someone say ‘Penis of the Plains‘? Stop that.