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Crazy Groupie Day

Crazy mixed up day today complete with kids’ basketball camp and pottery class starting simultaneously, which had me racing across town in opposite directions as I attempted to get people where they needed to be ON TIME. Having a traffic light down at a major intersection did not help, thanks very much. Energizer Bunny Incognito Catholic Mom was in rare form today, let me tell you. *Zzzzzzzzing*

Picking up my sweet campers went better than the drop off, as the camps ended 30 minutes apart giving me time to breathe easy between trips. But the running was not over, because Mr. George awaited CS for baritone lessons, and who were we to skip out on Mr. George? Thankfully we made it perfectly on time, then CG and I sat in on the lesson enjoying a few laughs in the process.

Get this – Mr. G’s been giving us updates on the romance he’s been having with his girlfriend… she’s having her gall bladder out this afternoon, thank goodness, because last week she was in so much pain it was like labor & delivery for her. We’re so relieved to know this.

Anyway, back at home we warmed up leftovers: my famous Cincinnati Chili & Catholic Hubs’ Chicken Gumbo Burgers for dinner, and then made plans for the rest of the evening: client work for me and tennis practice for the CK’s. So after cleanup time, I took care of my business peeps while Hubs trekked the kids over to the local tennis court. Time. Flew. Then I found myself pulling out tax files to reconcile unpaid invoices while the CK’s readied themselves for bed. Reading time, blogging some, and now off to watch that Netflix DVD we discovered in our mailbox today, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Now if I can only pull a certain man of mine away from the Lakers/Magic game. Wait, actually… he might be pulling ME away this time around. Scary, I’m becoming all NBA groupie-ish.