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Junk in the Trunk

This week’s Gospel reading during mass generated quite a buzz in the Catholic Family, which means more blogging material to share with my favorite blog readers. Yay for that!

Yesterday Father C delivered The Parable of the Wedding Banquet ever so eloquently, at least as smooth as any priest who happens to be a Nigerian native, but we got the point. Father then proceeded to explain several ways in which we, as parishioners, are expected to join in the banquet feast as members of the Catholic Community. One of these ways caused us all to sit up a little straighter in our pews and became the source of our buzz as we ventured home after mass:

  • Me: You know, I liked the way Father C gave that ‘lil tongue lashing about dressing appropriately for mass. Some folks really need to clean up their act.
  • CS: He said people were dressed HALF NAKED, Mom! Who’s doing that?
  • Hubs: I think Father was referring to girls who wear tank tops and short-shorts. People aren’t really half naked during mass.
  • Me: And he mentioned t-shirts with offensive words. I’ve seen some of those, and they really are distracting. What are the parents thinking in letting teens wear that kind of thing to mass?
  • CG: Yeah, that one guy with the long hair. He wears t-shirts like that.
  • Me (quietly to Hubs): Reminds me of that school function we went to last week. This mom-chick had all kinds of cracks on display. Absolutely no. shame. whatsoever.
  • CS & CG (from backseat in unison): I saw her! She was so DISGUSTING!!!
  • Me: Ok then. So much for thinking only adults notice that stuff… great.

So, wow. Not only must we appear as rude Americans to folks visiting the USA, but we also look like disrespectful parishioners at church. It’s always the bad peeps who ruin it for everyone else, isn’t it?

I’m officially moving to Italy.