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That Annual Thing, 2009

GREAT news! After striving all year to maintain status quo or improve on last year’s girly checkup, I’m pleased as punch to report that I achieved my goal – at least so far, so good. (Still need to get those lab results back from blood work taken.) Here’s what we have: blood pressure 110/76, weight 119.2 (fully clothed even though I offered the alternative), heart/lungs/pelvic all “perfect”. And after all was said and done, along with some IT talk which is always a given while visiting my favorite doctors, I indulged on a McDonald’s sausage, egg & cheese breakfast burrito and hash browns. Oh and a double espresso, since Catholic Hubs was so kind as to brew some up for me this morning even though I couldn’t drink it while fasting. (That guy, I tell you.)

Mushroom swiss burger, anyone?