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Gone Off the Edge

The big news of today? Mom Jumped Off the Diving Board. Really now. The Catholic Youngsters have been getting onto me all summer for lounging poolside reading those favorite novels of mine but NOT GETTING INTO THE POOL. So today I actually took the plunge:

Not so bad after all! (Ok so I held my nose and had a tag sticking out of my bikini bottoms, but who said I couldn’t be a total dork while jumping?)

Bouncing Back

This Girlie didn’t miss a beat in getting back to the pool for more swim-time action back at home:

On the other hand, Mom is all done with swimming & tanning for now:

That Powered Up Breakfast

This is exactly how to start a summer day filled with instrument lesson taking, housecleaning, DVD watching, and swimming at the pool:

That’s right – homemade Belgian waffles topped with strawberries, bananas, syrup, and whipped cream. Oh, and with 2 espresso shots on the side. (Or Sunny-D if you’re under the age of 20 and don’t really need that extra jolt.)

Total mouth-watering goodness.

Pampered Reader

There will be a day when this whole reading-beside-the-pool experience gets extremely old. Today is not that day. (And yes, that pedicure seems to keep getting pushed down the ‘To Do’ list.)

That ‘Must Take’ Photo

After spending much of the day watching Michael Jackson’s memorial service on television and zipping across town to Catholic Son’s baritone lesson with Mr. George, we broke down and found ourselves at the pool for the 19th time this summer. And what would a pool visit be without a certain mom standing poolside ready and waiting to snap a photo of that classic CANNON BALL jump off the diving board? All empty-like, I know.

Frozen Surprises

Yes, today marks the 18th time we’ve visited the pool this summer. Only, guess what? Now we’re in on the big secret:
Free SLUSHIES & red tongues after 6:00 p.m.!

All Washed Up

Plan for the Day: tennis, grocery store trip, lunch, bathroom cleaning, pool, dinner, free time.

Actual Events: tennis, grocery store trip, bathroom cleaning, lunch, pool shopping for water toys at Kmart, water play in backyard, dinner outside on deck, free time/instrument practice.

About that lost pool time? Well, we arrived at the pool as scheduled only to turn around and leave after learning that a swimmer had been sick lost their lunch in the pool, thus explaining Plan B: buying pool toys at Kmart and having our own water fun at home in the backyard.

Flexibility and Slip ‘n Slides are such good things:

Just Rewards

My sweet Catholic Peeps were so gracious in allowing me a few hours of quiet IT consulting time this afternoon that I couldn’t resist whipping up a Chicken Alfredo w/garlic toast dinner (thanks for the backup support, Catholic Hubs!) and then driving said Peeps over to the swimming pool for a 2 hour dip. BTW: Do moms get mileage expense reimbursement?

Freaky Friday Jump

Simple pleasures in life sure do make the world go ’round, like doing a little twisty-spin-jump off the diving board. Summer fun.

Father’s Day: Part 2

Our plan for Catholic Hubs’ Father’s Day celebration went off smoothly right out of the gate with a homemade French toast breakfast complete with sausage, bacon, and juice. While the CK’s and I read the Sunday comics together, CH browsed through the rest of the newspaper and licked his plate clean, the sign of a fairly decadent meal. Then it was gift showering time with gifts that included a Gorillapod, remote cooking thermometer and NEBRASKA t-shirt. What a perfect way to pamper that guy – we’re that good.
Remote Cooking Thermometer

But we weren’t done with his Dad Day Wish List yet. Oh no we weren’t. With an afternoon of swimming at the pool for burning-off-energy goodness, Hubs’ favorite Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que ribs meal awaited. We got that guy completely sauced, and he loved every finger lickin’ minute of it… as did nearly every other Dad/Grandfather in town by the looks of the line waiting for tables as we left the building. Carnivores.
Hungry Dudes