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Broken Dream

Grab a hankie for this one. Remember that ‘Tween Pottery class Catholic Girlie attended a few weeks ago? Well, basically, her project exploded in the kiln. As it turned out, her ‘DREAM’ creation was the only work of art that didn’t make the cut while baking at 1200 degrees with her fellow classmate’s pottery, probably due to an air bubble in the clay – or so the owner thinks, anyway. What to do? Take advantage of that nice little store credit she received and make another non-explosive clay creation. *sniff* Let’s all bow our heads in silent prayer.

Droopy Eyelids Await

The day wasn’t all that exciting today except for the fact that Mr. George stood us up for Catholic Son’s baritone lesson and that we spent the latter half of the afternoon & early evening in a tornado watch. Both of those items are equally serious as 1) Mr. G had rescheduled the lesson due to his girlfriend’s gall bladder surgery, and not showing up made little red flags wave around in our heads and 2) we’re planning to pull a late-nighter in hopes of staying twister-free during our sleep.

Where’d all the happy go anyway?

Ok, here it is! I leave this post with a fancy photo Catholic Girlie took of her hand-painted pottery created in ‘tween’ class. Enjoy!
Hand-Painted Pottery

Chlorine is SO Underrated

A big huge laundry list of errands awaited me from the minute I tumbled out of bed this morning, and I was bound and determined to get every single one of those buggers done, willing participants or not:

  • Walgreens – need for Father’s Day gift cards, bar soap, and a box of Lactaid
  • Bank – deposit client checks and essentially ‘getting paid’ for consulting
  • Post Office – mail Father’s Day cards to Dads in New Mexico and Minnesota, along with a Junie B. Jones Paperback swap request
  • Target – buy ground turkey, contact saline solution, Vic’s popcorn, Nesquik, cheese Bagel Bites, spinach & cheese Savorings, shampoo, conditioner, bottled water, cinnamon rolls and a frozen Boston Market Salisbury Steak meal.

Back home, again we found ourselves eating another one of our famous smörgåsbord quickie lunches before taking off to CG’s ‘tween’ pottery class. Catholic Son and I bonded over renewing his card at the library and shopping for printer toner at Office Max. The love was all around when the HPLJ printer spit out that crisp test page, let me tell you.

Then before anyone could ask “What’s for dinner?” I’d whipped up a full blown meal of Turkey Cheeseburger Helper with fresh sweet corn and Hawaiian dinner rolls. Amazing what a person can do with a box of Hamburger Helper when in a bind, isn’t it? Anyway, we filled up and somehow Incognito Mom walked away from dinner having agreed to take the CK’s to the pool for a late afternoon swim. Ah well, who could complain about some leisurely time beside the pool, sitting and watching kids expend some of that pent-up energy, hanging out with friends, throwing around a sopping wet pool ball and playing a game of Marco Polo for the umpteenth time?

It’s all chlorinated summer goodness.