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Wii Party Poopers

The Catholic Peeps completed the last day of the 2008-’09 school year and couldn’t be happier. Here’s how I can tell: it’s like I’ve brought home these chatty screaming meamies who are completely bursting at the seams with pent-up energy. And while I’m equally excited that summer is officially upon us, I’m also feeling a little apprehensive about all of the energy and free time these sweet, wonderful people are about to drain from my own personal reserves. But that’s why my nickname is ‘The Energizer Bunny’, right? I can do this! ughs.

Alrighty then! So on with the events of the day. While the CK’s enjoyed a half day of school this morning, off I went to grab a few necessities from the grocery store to help get us through the weekend. Fast forward to pick-up time from school, a quick homemade lunch, then off we go to meet Catholic Hubs at the movie theater where we watched Pixar’s latest sensation, “Up”. (Squirrel! Inside joke.) Next stop: Barnes & Noble, just because. On over to Target to buy a Wii game for our last-day-of-school celebration, then a quick Valentino’s call to order our favorite pizza/pasta carryout feast. Oh man. The ride home never smelled so amazing, let me tell you, but we made it back home without a hitch, or sneak nibble.

Next, quite simply, we chowed. Valentino’s pleasantly surprised us with the best family feast ever – pasta primavera, sausage & pepperoni pizza, both garlic and cinnamon dessert breadsticks, along with a tossed salad. I held back (not an easy feat) and ate a single piece of pizza, scoop of pasta, ½ garlic breadstick, and a small salad drizzled with a light vinaigrette – just enough calories to work off with a couple hours of Wii gaming. And that we did… sadly, ending on a sour note with a hoggy Guitar Hero and sulky tween. Sign of the times. *sigh*

Cue the treadmill.