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Pampered Reader

There will be a day when this whole reading-beside-the-pool experience gets extremely old. Today is not that day. (And yes, that pedicure seems to keep getting pushed down the ‘To Do’ list.)

Splish, Splash

Today marked the last Friday of Catholic Son’s basketball camp, the end of the second week of reading for the library’s summer program, and the absolute rainiest day of June thus far causing me to break into a sprint while heading to the parking lot after returning books for the CK’s. Yet after that, all we had to show for these big milestones was a cheap plastic jump rope given to CS at the end of camp by a coach who informed CS it would ‘help him dunk’. Nice try, dude.
Cheap Plastic Jump Rope

Now here’s the real treat of the day: Homemade French Bread Pizza for dinner, topped personally by Catholic Hubs, Son & Girlie with Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, green pepper, red onion and pizza cheese. Total heart attacks waiting to happen, but that pizza was de-lish to say the very least. Two redeeming factors: a serving of peas on the side and a 90 min cross-training workout for Incognito as the CK’s bounced around on the wet trampoline. The perfect ending to a pretty decent day.

Next up: Wedding Saturday! (Not just anyone, but the CK’s very first babysitter – now all grown up.)