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Dude? Who put in a request for this?

The weather people predicted 100 degree temps for the Heartland of America today, and guess what? This snapshot of our rear-view mirror on the way home from mass today confirms it:

Gone All Loopy for Fall

Now is precisely that time of the summer when temps bust 90+ degrees for the gazillionth day in a row, pools are completely packed, kids get antsy to head back to school so they can reconnect with friends, and I’m all like:

I’ve had enough of this whole summer business! Bring on school! Fall! FOOTBALL! Heck, turtleneck weather even sounds good!

So glad that’s out. *whew* Feeling much better now.

Tail Chasing

It’s odd, but instead of feeling all relaxed and enjoying the lazy freedoms of summer, lately I’ve been in so much of a frenzy trying to keep up with everyday stuff that I feel exactly like a dog chasing it’s tail. Not that I truly know the sensation of chasing one’s actual TAIL, but I get it now. So it’s days like today that are a big freaking blessing in disguise, one where the threat of severe weather keeps people indoors for the afternoon, away from the pool, and getting all caught up with the summer game plan again.

Tomorrow: Netflix Movie Day & Music Conservatory.

Gnashing of Teeth

Where in the world has this whole Sunday gone anyway? Oh yes, now I remember. After a late night of celebrating Independence Day, the Catholic Peeps and I woke up to Hubs’ Famous Breakfast Smörgåsbord of Belgian waffles (kids), bacon (girlie & me), veggie omelet (hubs & me) and english muffin (hubs). Then we spent the rest of the morning watching Federer beat squeak past a local favorite, Roddick, at Wimbledon. Last and probably least, the four of us enjoyed a relaxing frustrating afternoon at the pool, where we dodged 4-letter words tossed around the deep-end area by a slew of teens who received no less than 3 verbal warnings and scathing looks from nearby adults attempting to sunbathe peacefully beside the pool. *Ugh.*

Reminds me of a song, “Every party has a pooper that’s why we invited you…” (From movie: Father of the Bride)

Crazy Groupie Day

Crazy mixed up day today complete with kids’ basketball camp and pottery class starting simultaneously, which had me racing across town in opposite directions as I attempted to get people where they needed to be ON TIME. Having a traffic light down at a major intersection did not help, thanks very much. Energizer Bunny Incognito Catholic Mom was in rare form today, let me tell you. *Zzzzzzzzing*

Picking up my sweet campers went better than the drop off, as the camps ended 30 minutes apart giving me time to breathe easy between trips. But the running was not over, because Mr. George awaited CS for baritone lessons, and who were we to skip out on Mr. George? Thankfully we made it perfectly on time, then CG and I sat in on the lesson enjoying a few laughs in the process.

Get this – Mr. G’s been giving us updates on the romance he’s been having with his girlfriend… she’s having her gall bladder out this afternoon, thank goodness, because last week she was in so much pain it was like labor & delivery for her. We’re so relieved to know this.

Anyway, back at home we warmed up leftovers: my famous Cincinnati Chili & Catholic Hubs’ Chicken Gumbo Burgers for dinner, and then made plans for the rest of the evening: client work for me and tennis practice for the CK’s. So after cleanup time, I took care of my business peeps while Hubs trekked the kids over to the local tennis court. Time. Flew. Then I found myself pulling out tax files to reconcile unpaid invoices while the CK’s readied themselves for bed. Reading time, blogging some, and now off to watch that Netflix DVD we discovered in our mailbox today, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Now if I can only pull a certain man of mine away from the Lakers/Magic game. Wait, actually… he might be pulling ME away this time around. Scary, I’m becoming all NBA groupie-ish.

First Summer TGIF’er

Today was a total whirlwind of activity from the minute I rolled out of bed, which happened to be at 7:04 am, just in time to protect the youngest from the oldest’s raging hormonal fury. What’s a mom to do? Put ’em to work, I say! Exactly what I did to distract people from the situation. Here’s what ensued:

  • Breakfast Making
  • Cleaning Up of Dishes
  • Laundry Sorting
  • Dusting of the 1st & 2nd Floors
  • Pet Feeding
  • Store List Making

Next, we set off for the grocery store to buy necessities, then headed home for lunch before paying another visit to the pool. On return, it was time to order pizza for our Wii Make-up Party that was pooped upon last week. Everyone had a good time, including myself who loved Wii Olympics the most – and even learned how to throw a javelin! Scary, I know.

Now to attend to my clients… invoicing for hours I snuck in during the week. Why is it that I’m feeling more stretched for time than ever? It’s summer – what’s going on here?

Smelly Summer Fun

Finally, a day that screamed “YOU CAN REST NOW, WOMAN!” and yet my eyelids popped open without the help of an alarm clock precisely at 5:45 am, the same time I had been waking up all school year long. Coincidence? Probably not. It’s like I’m programmed. Unfortunately, Catholic Hubs was all deep in sleep while I lay there completely awake. So now what? Sound-asleep-guy planned to make his famous gourmet breakfast, but apparently I was the only awake-person in the house. *sigh* Summer is not starting out as smoothly as I’d hoped.

But then came breakfast and all was good in the world again: bacon, eggs, blueberry pancakes with a dusting of powdered sugar, and steamy hot espresso on the side. Dreamville! That fine meal really was worth the 1.75 hr wait. In fact, we polished it off while I read funnies to the Catholic Kids (a tradition, even though they can easily read the comics all by themselves if they really wanted to), then we set forth into our Weekly Planning Meeting, where meals and events of the week were discussed. Coupon cutting and grocery list making ensued, then everyone took off in opposite directions: me to the gym for a Sunday workout, Hubs to the store for power grocery shopping (he beats that weekend crowd like nobody’s business), and CK’s outside for trampoline jumping.

Now that’s the summer I was talking about.

Wait – the day’s not over yet. We rounded it off with a couple hours at the pool and a visit to the library where the CK’s checked out a boatload of books for the Summer Reading Program. Then on returning home, the CK’s and I were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed by the amazing smell of Hub’s famous taco dinner. Wowzas! And the taste? Too scrumptious to put into words. Finally, cleanup time involved vacation planning talk with California’s LEGOLAND being the preferred destination, then peeps took off to do a little book reading and more trampoline jumping as I busied myself with chlorinated-swimsuit-and-towel-washing.

Ahhh, the smell of sunscreen & chlorine… sure beats smelly feet, any day.

Someone Feed the Cat

First Saturdays of summer vacation should include sleeping in, right? Not at our house! Because more big things were meant to happen today, like Catholic Girlie’s orchestra performance at the local high school commencement downtown in the Omaha Civic Auditorium. And wow was it ever amazing! That girlie played her heart out throughout the graduation ceremony with pieces such as:

  • Stand by Me
  • I Heard It Through the Grapevine
  • Sinfonia in D
  • Lullaby
  • ‘California Girls’ & ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ by Beach Boys
  • The Muppet Medley
  • Pomp and Circumstance
  • Star Spangled Banner

While I absolutely loved listening to CG play her cello (as the only 7th grade cellist by personal invitation from the high school orchestra director, by the way!), the personal kicker for me was the fact that she performed in the exact same arena where I experienced my own college graduation ceremony from Creighton University. Talk about holding back the tears! I had to keep reminding myself that it’s just not right to have an emotional breakdown while attending someone else’s graduation seated amongst hundreds of people, at least not for me anyway. I pictured myself getting all weepy and having people point and stare at the crazy lady sitting in the arena brandishing a camera, recording the orchestra. Not a pretty picture.

Anyway, the day could get no better… or so I thought before having lunch with the Catholic Family at Subway where the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies were melt-in-your-mouth-delectable. Then the CK’s and I changed clothes and headed over to the pool per Catholic Son’s constant nagging/begging, and I chlorinated those people up good enough to stink up the pew during mass afterwards. I figured, hey, it’s summer and somebody’s got to do it. Why not us? Exactly.

And now, back at home it feels like we’ve been out of the house for a good week. Looks like it, too, with all of the heaping piles of stuff that need putting away. School backpacks still unpacked. Mail unopened. Newspapers unread. Dirty dishes in the sink and on the counter. Laundry overflowing all 3 hampers. The cat begging to be fed. Uh-oh… poor Smokie’s all neglected with our constant running. What kind of pet owners are we?!

All I know is that whoever coined the phrase ‘Lazy Days of Summer’ has a screw loose.

Summer Almost Here

With all that ‘freakish’ stuff going on in the Catholic Household, things are actually gearing up toward SUMMER BREAK. That’s right. So I’ve been registering my people for all kinds of activities, during which time I’ll either be watching from the sidelines or reading a book in the car. Yay team! The best part is that we’ve renewed our pool membership and will enjoy daily trips to the pseudo-beach for swimming/tanning purposes. Even bigger YAY TEAM!!!

So that’s what’s happening behind the scenes. Meanwhile, off to another Neflix DVD with Catholic Hubs.