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Defunct Plasma

Being an avid purchaser and user of electronic type products, I feel it’s my responsibility to share any thoughts and/or experiences that I might have with regard to such purchases, especially when the stinkin’ $1400 purchase decides to STOP WORKING ABRUPTLY after only 2 years of use. That’s right. I’m here to tell you all about the big fat 42” junker sitting there all defunct in our recreation room, leaving the Catholic Family without big screen entertainment, not so perfect timing for the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday. And I’m so ready to out a certain company that shouldn’t have sold said big-fat-42”-junker to us to begin with, so sit back and enjoy.
Philips 42
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Shopaholics Anonymous

Me & Mom
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There we are, me and Mom as we return from day #2 of shopping as if we were ‘Independently Wealthy Bargain Hunters’. (Using our exact words.) And that we found, BARGAINS that is. So what exactly did we find? Jewelry and clothing, mostly – because we depend on each other for opinion purposes. I mean, who else is going to tell me whether or not my butt looks big in the GAP jeans I selected? Only a mom!

Isn’t that special?

So now after we’ve finished our lasagna & flat bread Lean Cuisine entrees, Mom insists that we watch The Big Bang Theory on television. When else will I ever get to sit down and watch an actual TV show anyway? Although, a sense of guilt is creeping in as I flash back to Hubs at home as he shuttles people to and from orchestra rehearsal. Ok great… on that note, our fun just went directly out the window.

Almost. 😉