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Time Flies, Fun or Not

Holy blogs, people! Has it really been since February 20th, 2009, that I last posted here? Um, yeah. Looks that way. Well, I’ve got a seriously good excuse for that, and it’s called:

I finally kicked the sinusitus/cold bug, passed it on to the youngest son, recovered for a week, and then found out said child contracted the Influenza Type A virus from a fellow classmate who had been diagnosed the previous day. Catholic Son even helped disinfect the classroom, only to be stricken down with the exact same germs he was attempting to eliminate from the room. Craziness! Poor guy…*sniff*”

It’s times like these that force a parent to remember why not only adults but children ALSO should receive the flu vaccine every single year, even if they whine and moan about not wanting another painful shot in the arm. Because who’s in charge of the kid’s health anyway? And who will be forced to stay home and put all work aside to play doctor and/or nurse? That’s right – Mom. (Or Dad, whatever the case may be.) Which amounts to lost income, used sick leave, and the added stress of the whole dratted event.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be blogging and doing fun stuff.