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I Voted Today

Check out my fancy sticker! Yes, I actually did vote and earned my right to wear this cool sticky on my shirt today. Got yours? Vote!

Here We Go Again

Have any of you witnessed the flub-ups by our presidential candidates lately on the news? I’m amazed at how a certain running mate can just stand by clapping and smiling while a certain person makes a complete fool of oneself in front of the media, the group who broadcasts it all on CNN or Headline News for those of us Joe Six Packs or Hockey Moms to witness firsthand.

Hello, McFly? Is anyone in there??? All I know is that voting for someone with a brain that doesn’t seem to coordinate with the mouth is not such a good idea.

And why aren’t the candidates coming right out with a stance on abortion? Because CNN cut that topic off immediately when a voter asked McCain. Hmmm…. why is this such a big conspiracy anyway? Let me tell you, there are a HUGE number of Catholic Sisters who are extremely interested, as well as Catholic Moms & Dads. Will they ever come out with it?