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First Summer TGIF’er

Today was a total whirlwind of activity from the minute I rolled out of bed, which happened to be at 7:04 am, just in time to protect the youngest from the oldest’s raging hormonal fury. What’s a mom to do? Put ’em to work, I say! Exactly what I did to distract people from the situation. Here’s what ensued:

  • Breakfast Making
  • Cleaning Up of Dishes
  • Laundry Sorting
  • Dusting of the 1st & 2nd Floors
  • Pet Feeding
  • Store List Making

Next, we set off for the grocery store to buy necessities, then headed home for lunch before paying another visit to the pool. On return, it was time to order pizza for our Wii Make-up Party that was pooped upon last week. Everyone had a good time, including myself who loved Wii Olympics the most – and even learned how to throw a javelin! Scary, I know.

Now to attend to my clients… invoicing for hours I snuck in during the week. Why is it that I’m feeling more stretched for time than ever? It’s summer – what’s going on here?